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Sarusia55 of “Stegna Beach” invites Friz to PAY to use her song: “I wish I could use this song if I could”

Sarusia55 of "Stegna Beach" invites Friz to PAY to use her song: "I wish I could use this song if I could"

Freeze team Polish sensation on YouTube. A group of friends who published films about their lives in just two years managed to conquer the Internet and take over a crowd of teenagers. YouTubers have made a huge fortune, beating it cleverly, and of course reporting on the web, so this is how the circle of influencers is closed.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. A few days ago, the boarding school heard the news that it was affected by internal tensions Finally the crew broke up. In an official statement Freeze He confirmed the concerns of many teenagers and admitted that the joint venture was nearing completion, explaining the decision with the fact that “With someone they felt bigger and with someone they were smaller.”

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over the years Carol “Freeze” Wiśniewski Many times he was involved in various scandals, including With allegations of plagiarism and logo theft in the background. Now the young millionaire has been accused of copyright theft – in this case, we’re talking about TikTok. The crew members decided to use a theme from a viral video in their song Saros 55Which He brags about being “on the beach in Stegna”. The original video from TikTok disappeared in the first half of July, but we can still find videos of other users who managed to record viral material on the web.

I wish I could make use of this song if I could. to my Paypal account – Male sarusia55. I would be very grateful. I invite Mr. Fries and Mr. Tripes to familiarize yourself with my copyright, please, because it is my copyright.

Let’s recall that Fries’ fortune is estimated at 151 million PLN. Do you think YouTubers should pay tiktokerce for the beach in Stegna?

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Of course you do.. copyrights are copyrights..

Haha, well – losers will cash out all they can, without any scruples and without respecting anyone, including the law, now you must meet them in court and fight for

You are stumbled…

31 minutes ago

Please let this era of ink ticks end

You must use her words

God… I must have reached the end of the internet…

Recent Comments (32)

I think that ; He should think about it

This is Josiah Dzidzic, my idol!

I’m not even entertained by tiktokers, YouTuberzt and others who don’t have anything reasonable to show. I was even more shocked by the fact that there are people watching this nonsense with fondness. Don’t you guys have an interest? Don’t you pity your time watching such nonsense?

Bravo to this lady. Let him take as many of them as possible.

Sorry, but what a copyright. Regarding the saying “I am in Shtigna”? Because nothing else is used there. Well, there are no balls.

She’s right, someone skipped those thawed bananas.

But the one thing these two have in common is Stegna. These are two different things. I have sailed with those copyrights.

pony pony 🦄

23 minutes ago

You can see how creative these internet stars are. If the owl logo isn’t missing, another artist’s song is now stolen 🤷

He was supposed to get a patent first

Both sides and the other side are not human, so why write about them? You see, for some people, life online is an alternate reality 🤦‍♀️

Both sides and the other side are not human, so why write about them? You see, for some people, life online is an alternate reality 🤦‍♀️

I can read such articles in the box xD

In the US, they will sue and have to pay a lot of money.

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