October 19, 2021

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Saturday matches.  Poles fight for medals.  Americans for promotion in the basketball tournament

Saturday matches. Poles fight for medals. Americans for promotion in the basketball tournament

The Olympics are already taking place in the second week of competition. To date, Polish representatives have won only one medal. This was done by double rowing of four pieces of women with the following composition: Agnes Kobus-Zawojska, Marta Wieliczko, Maria Sajdak, and Katarzyna Zillmann. On Saturday, our representatives will have a chance to increase this achievement.

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Derez: Let’s not view our emotions in a negative way. We still have many chances to get medals

Our greatest hope will be the visa with the start of the 4x400m mixed relay race: Dariush Kwaluk, Ega Baumgart-Witan, Magorzata Hope-bird Kajetan Doszyski. On Friday, this relay He broke the European record and was promoted to Saturday’s finals in styleWhich will start at 2:35 pm.

Changing the leader in the Tokyo Olympics medal ranking

We are about to finish the sailing competition, where Piotr Myszka will have great chances to win a medal, and where will Zofia Noceti-Klepacka go. Much earlier, at 3:30 a.m., Jacob Majersky will fly for the 100-meter medal in Butterfly style. In the finals, the Pole would have 51.24 seconds, giving him third place in his race. Our delegate will be promoted to the final for the seventh time, so he will not be a medal candidate.

Tokyo Sailing OlympicsThe leading Polish women in the competition. Where does gold form? Hard work and friendship with French women

On Saturday we will see a lot of eliminations on the athletics field. Joanna Linkewicz will run over the 400 metres, Patrick Dubek and Matthew Burkowski will run the 800 metres, Claudia Siars and Pia Skrechowska will run the 110 metres, and Joanna Guyek will run the 800 metres. Pyotr Lisik, Bauwe Wojchowski and Robert Subira will compete in the qualifying rounds in the pole vault.

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The schedule for the Poles begins on July 31:

  • 0:30 – Golf, 3rd floor McKissine (Adrian Mironck)
  • 1:30 – Ride (Magorzata Sibulska, Joanna Pavlac, Jan Kameski)
  • 2:32 – Athletics, women’s 400m knockouts (Joanna Linkewicz)
  • 2:40 – Athletics, Men’s Pole Vault Qualifiers (Pyotr Lisek, Bawi Wojchowski, Robert Sopra)
  • 2:50 – Athletics, men’s 800m qualification (Patrick Dubek, Mateusz Borkowski)
  • 3:30 Swimming, men’s 100m butterfly final (Jakob Majersky)
  • 3:45 – Athletics, 110m eliminations by women’s matches (Claudia Sisears, Pia Skrysowska)
  • 4:11 – Swimming, men’s 50m final (Pawe Juraszek)
  • 4:32 – Bunny, 50m in any women’s final (Katarzyna Wasek)
  • 5:05 – Sailing, 49er class (ukasz Przybytek, Pawe Koodziski), 49er FX class (Aleksandra Melzacka, Kinga oboda)
  • 7:33 – Sailing, women’s medal race, RS Class: X (Zofia Noceti-Klepacka)
  • 8:33 – sailing, men’s medal race, RS Class: X (Piotr Myszka)
  • 12:45 – Athletics, Women’s 110m Finals (possibly Claudia Cesears, Pia Skrzysowska)
  • 12:50 – Weightlifting, men’s flipper up to 96kg (or Bartomeg Adamus)
  • 13:50 – Athletics, Women’s 800m Final (Joanna Gwick)
  • 14:35 – Athletics, Mixed Relay Finals 4x400m

What awaits us on Saturday? At 2:00 p.m. NBA players will play the last game in the group stage, who must beat the Czechs if they want to secure a promotion to the top. At 10:00, the finals of the Football Players Championship will begin, in which we will watch the matches: Spain – Sonia Coast, Japan – New Zealand, Brazil – Egypt, South Korea – Mexico.

From 8:00 am Singles play tennis. First, for the bronze medal in the tournament, Mr. Novak Djokovy will play Pablo Carino Post, then Yelena Repin and Elena Soytolina of the same color as the medal, and at the end of the women’s tournament: Belinda Bencic – Marketa Vondrosova.

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