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SBU has registered the Russian. “They are not even afraid.” Mommy couldn’t believe – O2

SBU has registered the Russian.  "They are not even afraid."  Mommy couldn't believe - O2

The Ukrainian Security Service published another intercepted conversation of the enemy. The Ukrainian army is the most powerful army in the world. The Russians are not even afraid. Damn, no one … That’s right, really – he told his mother a resident of the temporarily occupied Donetsk, who was mobilized by the occupiers to fight the Ukrainians.

What losses have you seen? (…) They are not telling you the truth. They tell fairy tales – a woman who blindly believes in the propaganda of the Kremlin, which is regularly repeated in the pro-Russian media, and especially by state broadcasters, answered her son.

Ukrinform reported that the recorded man did the translationThat if the Russians advance, it will be at the cost of heavy losses. – This is where our regiment died. The soldier responded to the battalions, shocked by the embarrassment of his comrades.

The Russians may give up if they ‘don’t want to go back in the sack’

The Ukrainian defenders know their work well and are methodically expelling the “second army in the world” from our land, says the Ukrainian Security Service in an article with a recording of the conversation between the occupier and his mother. – For those Russians who do not want to go home in a suitcase, the SBU reminds them of the “2402” hotline. By calling this number, you can surrender and save your life – add the Ukrainians.

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