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Scandal in Qatar before the start of M¦. Fans without access to drinking water M¦

Scandal in Qatar before the start of M¦.  Fans without access to drinking water M¦

World Championship It was huge from the start controversy. Starting from the corruption scandal until the date of the championship and ending with the issue of human rights violations. There is also no shortage of dirty games on the part of the Sheiks, through which the fans will suffer. A video has surfaced on social media showing what the cheapest rooms look like to the masses in villages in Qatar. Inside there are two single beds, between which there is a bedside table. Everything is illuminated with fluorescent white light. Hard to find a toilet, shower or fridge. However, this is not the end of the controversy.

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BrzÄ™czek’s prophecy came true. “The world will envy us.”

Scandalous behavior of the organizers. Denying fans access to drinking water

According to the BBC’s Riya Chauhan, a scandalous situation took place in the village near Lusail Stadium, and the organizers once again showed complete irresponsibility. According to the British, she and the fans who came to the village could not afford to buy drinking water.

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We read on Twitter: “Visitors slowly arrive in the village and discover they cannot buy water without a wristband.” The problem is that no one has such a bracelet, and the employees are not willing to provide information on where the item was purchased. In addition, it is hot outside and temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius. As reported by the reporter, “The only solution is to buy water from the shop. Only the closest is an hour’s walk from the village.” This is another example of human rights violations in Qatar.

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It’s also not the first time fans have felt cheated by the organizers. On Monday, The New York Times reported that fans would not be able to drink beer at the venue stadiums. All points of sale of high-efficiency beverages must be moved outside the football facilities. Moreover, beer tents must be hidden to prevent causing inconvenience to the local community. FIFA confirmed the news on Friday. In addition, fans face severe punishment for breaking the ban on consuming alcohol during a match. If a person is caught drinking even a drop of liquor, he can be imprisoned for six months, Which we wrote more about – >>> here.

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The World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. The Polish team will also participate in the tournament. On November 22nd, her opponent will be Mexico. Four days later, Piao Zeroni will play against Saudi Arabia, and at the end of the group stage against Argentina – on November 30.

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