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Scandal in the French Parliament. A “racist insult” by a politician from the Marine Le Pen camp | world News

Scandal in the French Parliament.  A "racist insult" by a politician from the Marine Le Pen camp |  world News

The comment caused a great deal of confusion. representative Government The left unanimously stated that racist insult was unacceptable. The far right responded that de Fornas did not address these words to the envoy, but to the emigrants imprisoned in boats non Governmental Organization.

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Scandal in the French Parliament. The National Assembly session has been suspended

Racism has no place in our democracy. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne told reporters after the incident, citing Reuters, that the National Assembly Presidium would meet (Friday – editor).

Marine Le Pen, president of the right-wing National Front, stood up for her deputy.

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“[On – red.] Of course, talk about relocated immigrants boats Le Pen wrote on Twitter by NGOs. The controversy caused by our political opponents […] “They will not deceive the French,” she added.

Carlos Martens Bilongo saw the whole situation quite differently. He described de Furnas’s comment as “shameful”. Today, I was offended by the color of my skin. I was born in France. The leftist politician said: I am a French deputy.

Stéphane Sejourn, who leads President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party, said de Fornas should resign. In turn, the Left Alliance demanded Nupes to be removed Policies from the National Assembly.

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Marine Le Pen fights for the image of the right

Reuters reports that in recent years Le Pen has made tremendous progress in “detoxing his party” and convincing voters that the National Front, which has been accused on several occasions of inciting racial hatred, has turned conservative and is now fit to govern.

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“The National Front showed its true face today. […] This racist insult is characteristic of the far right: the brand by skin color has divided the French nation,” the left-wing coalition Nobis said in a statement.

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This man has been fighting racist graffiti for years

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