September 23, 2021

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scary moments.  The Bordeaux player suddenly fell on the field and the rest surrounded the football

scary moments. The Bordeaux player suddenly fell on the field and the rest surrounded the football

Olympique Marseille It is measured in the first round League 1 With Girondin Bordeaux. In the fourth minute, the fans held their breath. The hosts were preparing to take a free kick when one of their players, Samuel Kalou, suddenly fell on the field. The other players looked at him for a moment, but suddenly the player lost consciousness and lay motionless on the field.

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The Girondins Bordeaux player suddenly fell on the field. Players hold their heads

The players immediately began to show the medical services that the footballer needed to help. A few people rushed to help Calo, and others grabbed their heads. They also created a cordon around the vent to prevent the cameras from showing medics interfering. In the end it ended in fear. Kalu got up on his own and went back to him Toys, but only for a few minutes. In the 14th minute, he was replaced by Remi Odin.

This is the second time in his career that a Nigerian player has passed out on the field. It first happened in 2019 during a training session before the first African Cup of Nations match against Burundi. The event was held in Egypt in the summer and the temperature was 40 degrees. Kalou was about to fall while taking a corner kick and was taken to the hospital. There he was found dehydrated.

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The situation in Marseille is similar to the drama that occurred during this period Euro 2020. During the group stage match Denmark-Finland (0:1) he suddenly fell on the field Christian Eriksen. Inter player suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, the doctors went to help in time, and after resuscitation, they were able to save Eriksen’s life, who was later taken to the hospital. Eriksen was implanted with a cardioverter-defibrillator to prevent similar conditions. Erisken will likely be back on the field soon, but in the new club’s colors.

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