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School arrangement ‘Many parents want the school to give them all their homework’

School arrangement 'Many parents want the school to give them all their homework'

Joanna Biszewska: From the beginning of primary school the result was the most important. “How did the dictation go?” “What did you get?” All years of education make us feel that the most important thing is the result and evaluation. Which is harmful?

Robert Kroll, co-founder of the LifeSkills Oglnoksztaccego Liceum, along with Dr. Garrosau Secor, MD, Scientific Council of Programs and LifeSkills High School Scientific Council, author of the open letter “Invitation to Discussion on Appropriate Criteria for Ranking General Education Graduates”: The phenomenon of evaluation is so extensive that it is no longer mentioned, it is considered normative.

When preparing adults for a very difficult interview, such as a court appearance, testimony committee, or a difficult interview regarding the possibility of termination or retention, adults, once the interviews are conducted, are more concerned about how the disagreement will be.

This behavior after years in school. All the time it seems to us that someone is judging us.

The way we rank in front of others is very important to us.

What do we lose with this?

We do not know what we are fighting for, because no one will ever teach us how to draw the boundaries of personal goals and what we can and cannot influence.

I have read an open letter I wrote inviting her to a public discussion on the appropriate criteria for classifying Oglnoksztacc Liqueurs. The letter states that the school’s mission is not to educate geniuses but to educate a healthy community. Meanwhile, the popular ranking of “Perspektywy” depends only on the results for years. Whether a school is good is confirmed by the average obtained in the Matura exams and the Olympiad. As if only final grades were information about whether the school was preparing for life.

The classification criteria were valid 20 years ago. At the moment, they do not take into account the issue of preparation for soft competencies, preparation for social impact and beneficial competencies for the market. Nor does it take into account the issue of student welfare. No social enterprise will survive without the support of business, and business without the support of social enterprise is meaningless. The criteria in this arrangement are classic or presentational: they do not show benefit to the recipient, only the technical features of the product.

that it?

Imagine if the owner of the company bought a Ferrari, came with it to the company, and said to the employees, “This is your take on the job, if you do better, you’ll buy another one.”

Why do parents want the school to take responsibility for helping them prepare for life in the future? They like that the lessons take a long time, because the children come home late, and preferably if they are tired, because then you do not bother them with difficult questions about the changing future. Photo Tomasz Pietrzyk / Agencja

How does this relate to education?

Making schools dependent on individual performance scores and ratings does not teach us what teamwork is or what it means to live in a healthy community. You can see it from some parents. Put meals out at school, yell at teachers, and know everything.

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You’ve heard of this phenomenon, and in school circles, parents are called clients.

Some principals and teachers, especially teachers, face, for example, behavior transferred from work, aggressive parents in the interview. The boss or manager comes and tells you how to do what, because they have undergone training and direction. They know it better, they are in discussion groups, and they consider themselves experts in every field.

Schools defend themselves against these parents by making them hostile to themselves. Aggression repels aggression.

The state in defense of parents. They may be right to engage in, discuss, or question certain topics. what’s wrong with that?

There is a difference between sharing and reviewing. The easiest way is to criticize, and repeat that I do not like this, that. According to Chinese recommendations, one seems wiser then.

It suffices to ask the parents to come to school to work for two or three days Volunteers. Be sure that they will change their mind about their children’s institution. Just as people in a pandemic have changed their minds about the work of doctors, nurses and paramedics. Suddenly they saw that it was hard work for such money.

“May he teach other people’s children.” The work of teachers is not easy.

Many religious school saviors tell us what a school should look like, and what’s wrong with the system. I think instead of telling stories, they can open author chapters, write author program, and not talk about opening a school.

It is easy to admire ideas, and difficult to translate them into action. School management is not soap operas, this is not the pear on the tree as some think. It is a process and an invitation to conflict, disagreement and growth problems. As with fashion, as with parents.

Lord is one of the founders and founder of the Royal Registered High School in Warsaw. What kind of students are you targeting?

We have no problem accepting a child who did not score well on the school’s smoker’s exam. They are often young people who know what they are doing in their spare time. And you can see from their parents that they also know what to do with their kids in their spare time. For us, it is an important readiness, which promises that the young man will benefit from our high school.


Apart from improving the result itself, students – in the past two years – are using the Sikora course as part of high school, and are enhancing their life-beneficial competencies. Here, we measure normal pedagogical progress, but also process-related progress on the so-called feedback, during which we focus not only on the result, but above all on the usefulness of life.

In the so-called school tradition, students learn over the course of years from subjects that do not occur in life. They do exercises, but do not go out into the world to test whether the skills in the exercises will allow them to build relationships, or to invent and build what is not there.

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Believe what you say, but I also know that when parents choose high school for their children, they want them to learn specific subjects, preferably at the highest level. They assume that interpersonal skills will come on their own once the child has learned well and moved on to good studies.

Or the fact that some parents want the school to rescind their commitment to support them in preparing for life in the future? They like that the lessons are long, because the children come home late, and preferably if they are tired, because then they do not bother with difficult questions about the changing future.

Not all parents are like this.

Yes, a small percentage of parents know how to get to know their children in a fun way, such as discussing with their children, having discussions and being prepared. They are parents who can talk and listen. We get to know these parents quickly, it only takes a few minutes and you can see that this is a family who can talk about any topic, including difficult or controversial ones.

Do you think trying to get kids into the best schools in town is to eat easy?

Every day we struggle with the notion that the best school is the school where students get: the best results in the baccalaureate or in the Olympiad. The world today requires that we recognize other standards. To what extent is school socially beneficial to children and how does it support their readiness for teamwork in adulthood?

Can’t we work as a team?

No, we can compete, compare all the time, see what’s best, have our own judgment on every topic and do things for show.

It’s not about showing up on Facebook or Linkedin how you can help someone or shopping. We don’t like silence, we get on with it well, and help is usually an excuse for a raucous fest of hypocrisy. This behavior is a maneuver to educate individuals.

We are inculcated to compare, and categorize ourselves. Now, little children, you hear: Look, this guy is so stupid he has better grades than you. You can do more.”

Healthy competition is part of our lives. If we want to get into the beleaguered college of studies, we know we’ll have to fight and compete with others. Getting into a classy school can be the first step to a prosperous life. Overcome the weakest, get into good studies, achieve the goal.

The rankings published in Poland for years by the Perspektywy Education Foundation do not show the best schools, they show schools specialized in obtaining the matriculation result of specific universities. The ranking would be fair if it precisely defines what it really measures and the universities, under which the methods of a particular school specialize.

I think such information would be very useful.

The information that the school teaches in a highly specialized manner in the conduct of examinations. These skills are certainly useful, but to a limited group of people. From a recently published report future Of the jobs, we know that 10-12 percent. Young people specialize in technology, engineering and medical industries, the remaining 88-90 percent. You will land in the so-called animation and support.

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The point is that schools cannot impose conditions on everyone for a minority, that minority that will focus on technology issues in the future.

I know these are very interesting minds, but let’s not say that those schools that accept only the talented and only take care of the best students are the best schools. These are schools with a specific specialization for a specific youth.

Sort criteria byThe classification criteria were valid 20 years ago. At the moment, they do not take into account the issue of preparation for soft competencies, preparation for social impact and beneficial competencies for the market. Nor does it take into account the issue of student welfare. Photo by Sawomir Kamiski / Agencja

This information is valuable to prospective high school students. I imagine someone wanting to pass coding studies, medicine or biotechnology would read out of curiosity about which school is preparing for a specialized high school diploma, where there is no mercy, and what workload it takes to jump at all. I think that would be fair.

Schools can also add information to applicants that learning in the institution requires huge financial outlays for private lessons, for paid courses. It can also add if it offers certified teachers who teach specific standards.

Certified teacher?

Licensed, i.e. a specialist in how to prepare for specialized exams. These are unparalleled teachers when it comes to preparing pupils and pupils for extended exams.

I suspect these are the teachers who are overworked with the best students and don’t have time to work with the weakest students.

The rankings do not provide information on how many teachers in schools are able to handle, for example, non-standard matriculation forms.

This type of school activity is not taken into account in the classification. So we wrote an open discussion letter to encourage people to discuss how ranking is not a determining factor for better schools.

We need to define socially and life-friendly criteria, and certainly new classifications with information about the clear benefits of youth.

Open letter “Invitation to a discussion on the appropriate criteria for arranging Oglnoksztacczych licenses” here.

Robert Kroll – Founder and Chairman of the LifeSkills Foundation. He was one of the few court experts in the country in restructuring and business risk assessment. Author of eight books. Together with Garosau Sikor, he is the founder of Oglnoksztaccego LifeSkills No. 1 Secondary School in Warsaw. It is an intimate institution on the premises of the Theater Academy in Warsaw, where the thesis for the entrance examination is enriched, according to the methodology of the Sikora course, the individual? educational strategy? Students and program activities with 50 useful life skills. Garosau Sikora is a Doctor of Medical Sciences and over the past 30 years has created well-known educational projects including: Sikora Course, High Flyer Contest and Life Skills Foundation – Middle Generation Institute.

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