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School shooting lessons from September. Teachers and psychologists have reservations

During the summer holidays, the participants of the daily camps, including from Ukraine, shoot trains with professional weapons. – I was still starting shooting there in Ukraine. My father sent me to a shooting school – refugee Wironika Slobodinyuk told Widarzenia.

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But there are also young people who are passionate about shooting. – It is better to find out, said Simon Bochovich, if I happen to have a revolver in my hand. And more young people will acquire the skill of using weapons.

Learn archery in schools. The Ministry is responding to the war in Ukraine

From September, as part of the security education topic, final years primary school students will learn theory and possibly the use of weapons. In turn, the first classes of high schools will begin shooting training.

– The impetus for the expansion of the curricula of this subject was the external situation and the war in Ukraine – explained Dariush Piontkovsky, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science headed by Przemyslav Kazarnik.

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Professional soldiers praise the idea of ​​the ministry. – We will have preparations for possible military service or, if necessary, for the defense of the Fatherland, and secondly, we will have potential athletes, said Lieutenant-Colonel Marcin Markevich, Deputy Commander of the 8th Regional Defense Brigade Ludo.

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Psychologists do not necessarily share the opinion of uniforms. – The problem with safety education is that it increases the already high level of anxiety in students – Wojciech Kolisa, a psychologist from SWPS University worried in “Events”.

Venice is not cheap. Shooting ranges explode at the seams of those willing

School leaders have concerns, too. – We may not get paid for it, but we will have to prepare. It’s like everything, said Miroslaw Negorski, principal of Elementary School No. 2 in Opole.

Shooting is an expensive sport because the cost of the weapon is prohibitive. – The new air rifle, which can be used in professional shooting in sports classes, does not cost 200-300 zlotys, just like an ordinary rifle, only about eight thousand – estimates Wojciech Ulatowski, director of the 47th high school in ód.

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– 3.3 thousand PLN costs a shooting license course. I don’t know who would spend this money to become a coach and have one hour a week – said Ewa Bochovich, a teacher and shooting coach from the 47th High School in ód.

In addition, there are no free shooting ranges. The ones that already existed after the Russian attacks on Ukraine are very popular. “We had trouble organizing some of our shots from the bullet, because the shooting ranges were so crowded,” said Maciej Woeniak, shooting instructor and instructor from XLVII LO Lodz

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The Ministry of Education and Science granted schools without shooting ranges to introduce compulsory shooting lessons. It’s two years.

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