September 22, 2021

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Schools in Szczenik have prepared for the new year of classes.  374 new students will start their education today.

Schools in Szczenik have prepared for the new year of classes. 374 new students will start their education today.

06:05, 01.09.2021 | red.

After the summer holidays, kids and teens go back to the school walls. All primary schools in Szczecin are ready to welcome students.

During the summer holidays, a number of renovations were carried out, which were completed before the first bell. Also, care has been taken to ensure this Students in times of epidemic They felt safe.

Everything indicates that the opening of the school year, at least in the first weeks, will take place by God’s command. Not any hybrid teaching, but full-time teaching, which students and teachers miss – said Tomasz Zuk, director of the Center for Community Shared Services at Polish Radio Kozalin.

Note that The leading authority is ready for each solution.

School principals are so experienced that they know how to set up a facility. This is the “alphabet” for them. Each director must take into account the guidelines related to the epidemiological situation in the country. I think parents also remember that there are no jokes.

Data published on government websites shows that just over 1,000 people between the ages of 12 and 19 have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Szczecin. For teachers, the average is about 80%. KCUW director admits it Does not support pressure on parents to vaccinate. He believes that this is an individual decision for each of them, but it also indicates that schools are considering vaccination against COVID-19.

Every director of an educational institution knows that in the future he will have to organize a vaccination center. Attendance is a separate topic – we have no guarantee that parents will want to vaccinate their children in schools.

The director of the Community Shared Services Center said on the air of Polish radio Koszalin Schools in Szczecin do not face a national problem Teacher shortage. This school year there will be no shortage of teachers in any of the municipal institutions.

We have not seen a single case of job vacancies in key educational sectors such as mathematics, life sciences and computer science. We have a full faculty in all institutions. For retired teachers, they are taking the opportunity to earn extra money.