October 18, 2021

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"Science and Economy. The Three Seas Challenge Initiative" - ​​a panel discussion within the framework of the Second Forum of the Three Seas Region, with the participation of the Minister of Education and Science - Ministry of Education and Science

“Science and Economy. The Three Seas Challenge Initiative” – ​​a panel discussion within the framework of the Second Forum of the Three Seas Region, with the participation of the Minister of Education and Science – Ministry of Education and Science

Three Seas Region Forum

The creator of the idea of ​​the forum is the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the cohesion of the EU regions by strengthening the social, economic and scientific cooperation of local governments in the 12 Three Seas Initiative member countries, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The two-day event was attended by representatives from the central and local government administration as well as experts from the science and business sectors.

science and economics

As part of the forum, a commission was held dedicated to strengthening cooperation between science and business, which was attended by Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik. Global competition constantly requires new ideas for products and services, the source of which must be science. The minister emphasized that thanks to him, we find solutions to the most important social and economic challenges – those related to environmental protection, climate change, epidemic threats and an aging society.

interregional cooperation

The participants of the Forum are looking for solutions that will allow to promote economic development through interregional cooperation. Given the great similarity between the environmental, demographic and infrastructure challenges faced by countries in our part of Europe, it is important to work together, in a group of regions with the same level of development, to come up with solutions to key problems.

Increasing research and development expenditures

In Poland, since 2016, we note a significant increase in spending on research and development, which is mainly due to entrepreneurs. The share of research and development spending in relation to GDP increased in 2016-2019 from 0.96%. GDP to 1.32% of GDP, under the conditions of rapid economic growth. In monetary terms, it increased from about PLN 18 to more than PLN 30 billion, and the number of innovative entities increased from 4,871 to 5,860. New regulations in the field of financial policy, as well as regulations on science and higher education entities, and district operations contributed to this. Success and funded by the European Union.

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PhD Execution

Strengthening cooperation between science and economics is one of the priorities of our activities. Our research programs include the PhD in Implementation. Thanks to him, we create conditions for the development of cooperation between the entities of the higher education system and science with the social and economic environment. The program consists of educating doctoral students in collaboration with the entrepreneurs they employ or other entities. The PhD of Execution, which is conducted in a dual system, is a very important stage in building a solid bridge between science and business. A doctoral student (focusing on solving a particular technological problem) implements the project in two places – at the company and at the university/research institute. The project also has two teachers – one appointed by the employer and the other – coming from the university or institute. This method of implementation of the PhD contributes to the development of contacts between the university / institute and the socio-economic environment, intensification of scientific research with commercial potential, and enabling the future scientist to gain experience in research and development.

The program benefits everyone – a university, institute, institution or doctoral student. The university or institute receives a fixed subsidy for the costs of using the research infrastructure for the purposes of research conducted by program participants. Entrepreneurs establish a relationship with a university or institute in order to conduct research and development work. In addition, they can deduct 100% of the personnel costs related to the employment of a doctoral student, indicated in the so-called second semester on innovation. On the other hand, a doctoral student gets access to laboratories, supervision of research, teaching at the Doctoral School and a scholarship under the “PhD Execution” program. The monthly amount of the PhD scholarship for one PhD student is PLN 3,450 and, after a positive mid-term evaluation of the research plan, increases to PLN 4,450. Funds are transferred on the basis of an agreement concluded with the Minister and the University/Institute.

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Łukasiewicz . Research Network

The organization that conducts research of major importance for state policy and commercialization of the results of these studies is the Łukasiewicz Research Network, which was founded in 2019. It consists of more than 30 research institutes with about 8000 employees. The designation of “Łukasiewicz” makes it possible to create comprehensive offers of research services for entrepreneurs based on the combined capabilities of the institutes created through, inter alia, the “System of Challenges”. Entrepreneurs (15 working days) are allowed to quickly receive a proposal from Łukasiewicz to solve the reported search problem for free. The objective of Łukasiewicz’s “Challenge Scheme” is to sign a contract to implement a research and development project from the entrepreneur’s own funds or to jointly obtain additional funds in competitions announced by financial institutions.