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Science and nature tell us how to recover from COVID-19

Science and nature tell us how to recover from COVID-19

This is the title of the book – Health Guide. Nowak, its author, Zbigniew T..

Research on the future health of the convict continues. The coronavirus can quietly wreak havoc and doctors admit they have never dealt with such a virulent virus.

Nowak, a well-known specialist in herbal medicine and bee therapy, says selected herbs and bee products may prove invaluable in restoring health and strength after COVID-19.
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According to the World Health Organization, most people with COVID-19 pass it off with mild or moderate form. In this case, they recover and become fully active after 2 to 6 weeks. However, some people who convalesce, regardless of whether they have experienced severe, mild, or asymptomatic, for several weeks or even months, may have illnesses related to the disease they are experiencing.

The most common complications reported after infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are:

Respiratory problems: chronic cough, shortness of breath, pulmonary dysfunction, fibro-pulmonary disease, pulmonary vascular disease, chronic fatigue,

Psychological symptoms: mood changes, depression, anxiety.

– severe inflammation

Neurological symptoms: persistent disturbances of smell and taste, headache and dizziness, cognitive disturbances (memory and concentration), liberalization of the sleep rhythm.

Cardiovascular problems: heart muscle damage, heart failure, complications of arrhythmia, chest pain, high blood pressure, venous obstruction and thrombosis.

Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to your state of health and consulting with specialists.

It is also worth supporting your body with natural means, which Mr. Zbigniew T. Nowak convinces. Because, as he wrote in his book, COVID-19, the illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 is not the same as the common cold, not even like the regular flu. It turns out that the scale of complications he suffered as a result of this infection frightened even the greatest medical authorities. Even worse, these complications do not go away easily and lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of convalescent life. It also poses a risk of serious health problems in the future.

Did you publish this book thinking that natural medicine can help?

Absolutely. Do not hesitate for a moment and as soon as possible, take a comprehensive treatment of regeneration and healing using the latest achievements of natural medicine. It is the perfect complement to the treatment prescribed by a doctor. In addition, while academic medicine is trying by all possible means to overcome the problem of treating this complication, few such solutions have been offered by nature’s pharmacy for a long time.

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The most common complication that doctors noticed after succumbing to COVID-19 is prolonged fatigue compared to chronic fatigue syndrome…

Experts from all over the world say that the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome in people who have recovered from this disease is more or less severe chronic inflammation. It may also result directly from cyclic hypoxia in the body, the so-called hypoxia. In particular, it concerns the hypoxia of the heart, brain and kidneys. This hypoxia is closely related to the pulmonary failure of pneumonia caused by this infection (“cellular storm in the lungs”).

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The loss of vitality also occurs due to heart and brain failure due to previous or ongoing infections of these organs, which are caused by this virus. In my opinion, chronic fatigue syndrome or body exhaustion can also be caused by long-term oxidative stress, that is, in the chain of free radicals (reactive oxygen species), which the body cannot handle very well. The person feels weakness, constant fatigue and apathy. Does not have the strength and desire to perform daily activities, even minor and non-strenuous ones, to perform any rehabilitation exercises that may be beneficial.

The book is a guide to health after illness

However, you cannot helplessly stretch out your hands …

Yes really. Medicinal plants come to the rescue, the usefulness of which has been confirmed by science in removing and relieving these diseases. I suggest: real ginseng, mountain rhododendron, wild rose, sea buckthorn and nettles.

There is strength and vitality in ginseng that has delighted scientists for years and is continually analyzed in many laboratories and clinics around the world. According to the greatest authorities in medicine, ginsenosides are the most active compounds in ginseng. Besides, in this plant, in its root, because it is the healthy part, there is a mass of other important compounds, such as: sugars, amino acids, flavonoids, fatty and organic acids, pectins, vitamins (especially from group B) and important minerals. I will not mention them all, but ginseng is really the root of health, for thousands of years it has been considered a way to stimulate the vitality of the body. There are a lot of ginseng preparations in drugstores. However, it is better to choose those specifications that contain a dry natural extract. Avoid those that offer nutritional supplements. You can prepare a homemade spirit extract from dried ginseng root.

When fatigue makes life difficult for a person, Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea) is also helpful. It comes from Siberia and Mongolia, but also grows in the Polish mountains. Healing compounds accumulate in the roots and rhizomes. Rhodiola rosea has the ability to reduce any consequences of hypoxia in the organism, especially in the heart and brain. Rhodiola rosea extract also gives satisfactory results in case of arrhythmia, which is common after COVID-19. Privacy can be purchased in pharmacies in the form of capsules, for example, containing the right amount of rosavin (medicinal compounds).

We all know about rose hips how healthy and effective they are, but we often forget about it. Experts have counted more than 130 different medicinal compounds that this plant contains. So let’s make as many preserves as possible, now is the time for them. Rose preparations are very important for people after COVID-19 who were previously diagnosed with coronary artery disease (ischemic) and for convalescents who complain of heart problems and shortness of breath. Due to the valuable polyphenols, rosehip has a protective effect on the heart muscle after heart attacks, strokes or micro-thrombosis in the brain.

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I once heard that you praise the sea-buckthorn in the TVP2 “Question for Breakfast” program.

Because it is a shrub that inspires me with great admiration. When I wrote about him more than 30 years ago in Wiadomości Zielarskie, I did not think that in the twenty-first century he would make such an amazing career in medicine. There are few plants that can accumulate in its fruits useful for human health such as sea buckthorn, not only its fruits, but also its leaves. The fruits of this shrub store up to 14 vitamins and 24 vital elements. Let’s add that amino acids, which are invaluable in the recovery period (and not only), can accumulate from 18 to 22, including those that are considered exogenous. There is another reason why you should trust sea buckthorn treatment: medicines from this shrub prevent the reproduction of various viruses. According to recent scientific research conducted in Indonesia, flavonoids such as quercetin or kaempferol and the antioxidants present in sea buckthorn leaves and fruits show activity against SARS-CoV-2 virus because they inhibit the protease enzyme 3CLpro (Mpro), which causes the virus. to die. This is very convenient information for patients with reduced immunity.
Recently, many sea-buckthorn products have appeared on the market. The easiest way is to buy juice, but be careful not to squeeze it from the fruit, not from the center, and not to contain other juices. There are also dried sea-buckthorn berries, but you need to look carefully – the color should be clearly amber-orange. A good suggestion is also freeze-dried fruits, for example in ground form, but they should be in airtight containers.

After the illness of COVID-19, there are often breathing problems, a chronic cough, problems with expectoration …

Respiratory diseases after and during illness are frequent, extremely troublesome and often life-threatening. This is confirmed by statistics from different countries. The lungs have become the number one target of the coronavirus attack. An attack on the lungs almost always results in inflammation of varying severity. Sometimes it is so severe that the patient must be connected to a ventilator. These are very difficult cases and relate to the acute course of COVID-19. Thus, this leads to the formation of a pulmonary infiltrate, and then the gas exchange necessary for life is disturbed. Lung cells are damaged, developing into fibrosis and opacification. Pulmonary emboli are also easily formed. After pneumonia, convalescents complain of shortness of breath and problems with normal breathing. If not treated properly, symptoms can last for a long time. Here, natural medicine is very useful. These ancient and ancient natural juices will surely bring cure and help. Personally, I advise against long-term use of drinks containing codeine (this is a derivative of morphine).
Certainly those based on thyme (syrup, oil), extracts of doglę (grindeliae herba), onion syrup, and dried mullein flower syrup are useful.

It is worth trusting the sea buckthorn remedy, since the drugs from this shrub prevent the reproduction of various viruses, including SARS-CoV-2
| Photo illustration from the book

Many people complain of depression, insomnia, general frustration, apathy …

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Yes, in many cases, doctors make a diagnosis of typical PTSD in these people. There are many reasons for this. It is related to the history of the disease, the trauma that occurred as a result of social isolation, but also changes in the brain as a result of hypoxia or inflammation. Depression can also result from fear for health, life, and the future. Most often this applies to people who have already had a depressive episode, in this group, but also to the elderly. Treatment of typical depression and severe cases should always be under the supervision of a psychiatrist and, if necessary, a psychiatrist. However, for milder cases of depression, anxiety, or generalized anxiety, you can also opt for natural treatment. It is worth taking advantage of the beneficial properties of St. John’s wort, lavender and chamomile. These medicinal plants, which are so respected today, can relieve many mental disorders.

Finally, it is worth noting joint and muscle pain…

Statistics show that joint and muscle pain of varying severity actually worsens after infection with the Corona virus. It occurs in people who have previously had a degenerative disease, RA. Overdosing on painkillers and taking them for a long time is not a good idea, and doctors also advise against taking them for a long time. Medicinal ginger can help all people who suffer from various pains in muscles, joints and tendons after being infected with the Corona virus. There is another reason why you should take it. Well, the roots of this plant have a proven anti-inflammatory effect.

However, remember that before using all medicines, even natural medicines, you should read the literature about possible side effects and consult your doctor.

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