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“Science is filled with roses – the effect of roses on human life” [ZDJĘCIA] – KCI Kutno

"Science is filled with roses - the effect of roses on human life" [ZDJĘCIA] - KCI Kutno

The speaker in the lecture, Dr. Love. Bożena Matysiak, President of the Polish Rose Association, gave us, in the first part, the beneficial effect of all kinds of plants on humans, especially in cities that find less and less space by housing, making sidewalks and parking lots or asphalt streets. This situation has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the population. Plants in the city emit oxygen, purify the air, reduce noise, retain water, create shade in summer, etc. on the roofs and walls of buildings. More and more trees are planted. Rainwater is collected to irrigate plants.

The second part of the lecture was devoted to roses. There are more than 30 thousand species of roses in the world. They are shrubs and climbers with flowers that are usually fragrant, pollinated by insects, in white, red, purple, pink and even black. There are no blue roses in nature. Roses are divided into: multi-flowered, stylized, bedding, English, ground cover, climbing and park roses. It is friendly to bees, the birds that feed on it, and it is a refuge for small mammals and birds. Rosehips are used to make tinctures, preserves, and tea. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. Essential oils are made from the fragrant rose flowers. Regularly inhaling flowers helps you regain your sense of smell, especially after recovering from COVID-19. The scent of rose evokes memories and evokes feelings. It is widely used in herbal medicine, medicine and cosmetology. Rose petal extract has antibacterial properties.

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Handling flowers and other plants is an excellent gardening treat. Being among the green spaces increases the feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life. Looking at green reduces stress, relaxes and lowers blood pressure.

We thank the secondary school students No. 2 for inviting them and listening to an interesting lecture. We wish you more interesting ideas for the implementation of projects. In the end, each participant received a gift from the youth in the form of a fragrant soap in the form of a rose.

Prepared by: Elżbieta Żółtowska

Photos: Stefania Zadkoska

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