October 21, 2021

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Science is Fun – Chronicle of the Week

What is computer forensics? What does education look like in a National Security studio? How do you take care of your health? These are just some of the issues that young people had the opportunity to meet during classes at the Zamo Academy, which was organized as part of the 17th Lublin Science Festival. Everyone can find something that matches their interests in a wide range of topics and issues.

This year’s edition of the event was held under the theme “Science Without Borders. Enjoy Science!”. The main objective of the Lublin Science Festival is to promote, promote and popularize science and research in society. The faculty members of the Zamość Academy have prepared interesting lessons in various fields of science. Among the rich offerings, both science enthusiasts, humanists, and people with interests in health sciences, security and international relations can find something for themselves. Young people can participate in lectures online and in the classroom.

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Lecturers at Zamo Academy have prepared the following classes: “How a computer can understand a text in a natural language” (Dr. Krzysztof Bunchers, Department of Computer Science), “Environmentally friendly polymer materials” (Dr. Bronislav Samogo, Department of Mechanics and Construction Machine), “How to be small In old age?” and “Eating Disorders – An Epidemic of the Twenty-first Century” (Dr. Maria Dorota Koica, MD, Department of Nursing), “Armed Conflicts in the Modern World” and “Turkey: NATO’s Southern Wing or an Independent International Player?” (Dr. Justyna Misiągiewicz, Department of National Security), “Simple Experiments in Geometric and Wave Optics” (Dr. Department of Education), “Using the National Security Studio in the Educational Process, Acquisition of Pro-Defense Skills Using the Laser Shooting Range” (Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Mazur, Engineer English Studies), “Computer forensics – what can be found on the disk” and “From the counter to the supercomputer” (Mgr. V. Mirosław Madej, Informatics department).

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High school students from the region participated in the classes organized by the lecturers at Zamo Academy as part of the 17th Lublin Science Festival.

This year’s Lublin Science Festival was held from September 18-24, 2021.