July 27, 2021

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Why is the head of MEiN, after eight months of distance education, the most concerned about the LGBT+ issue?

© PAP / Mateusz Marek

When former Education Minister Anna Zaluska announced on June 27, 2016, the liquidation of middle schools, not many people were aware of the consequences of this decision. The PiS argued that the reform would reduce violence in schools and provide equal educational opportunities for students. However, it was not stated that entering a double year of high school would lead to so crowded that students would not even be able to reach the toilet.

Now it seems that the authorities intend to implement this scenario. Five years later, also before the summer holidays, the current head of the Ministry of Education, Przemyslaw Czarnik, announced that the Polish independent school would become a thing of the past.

The proposed amendment to the Education Act would give broad powers to school administrators who hold positions through a political mandate, since it is they, and not the administration, teachers or parents, who decide how to educate a young person. Parents will not be able to search for a non-public school, because if the facility deviates even slightly from ministry guidelines and, for example, conducts activities that support heterogeneous students, it may be closed. “No more brainwashing of children,” he declared in an interview with the weekly “Sieci” magazine.

PiS has carefully chosen the moment to introduce more school changes. After eight months of distance learning, the big education strike has become somewhat impossible, because everyone knows that kids haven’t been to school for long anyway.

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But the educational circles, despite the holidays, do not shy away from this. A public petition to dismiss the minister is circulating online. Teachers organize contests about who will find the most controversial statements from their boss. They immediately say that “Kazarnik has to go.”

However, both the minister’s fate and the changes that prompt him to make political decisions. Czarnek has a specific role: mobilizing tougher voters with anti-LGBT statements.

But it is about children, their development and their future. A politicized school will not educate an open, creative and thinking worker. “We must all try to rebuild unity within the United Right, which has been weakened in recent months,” said Jaroslaw Gwin, head of the agreement at the weekend. He added that children would pay the price for peace in the ruling camp. Attending a lower school?