October 23, 2021

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Science. Seevix created synthetic spider silk. Thread is stronger than steel

A Jerusalem startup claims to have been able to produce synthetic spider silk fibers, one of nature’s strongest and most flexible materials. It can be used to create medical implants, wound healing dressings, or stronger condoms.

The sensor detects skin stiffness. A breakthrough in cancer diagnosis?

Thanks to the flexible electromechanical sensor, it is possible to detect diseases whose symptoms are increased tissue sclerosis, for example, tumors …

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Cobwebs, the fibers woven by these arthropods into a web to catch prey or protect offspring, are made of strong and flexible proteins. makes it It is five times stronger than high tensile steel of the same diameter.

– The spider web does not look strong because it is very thin, but if you make a spider web about the diameter of a pencil, you will probably prevent it from flying Boeing 747 – Explains CEO and co-founder of Seevix Szlomcijon Szen, citing the Times of Israel portal.

Unique DNA sequence

Seeviks was succeeding in developing a unique sequence DNA And through a fermentation process using bacteria, sugar, yeast and water to create an eco-friendly material that mimics the properties of spider webs.

Companies around the world have been trying for years to produce synthetic spider silk that can be used in many products, from textiles to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

According to the startup, the resulting fibers can be combined with other fibers to create stronger, lighter and thinner materials for use in sports products, medical devices, cosmetics, the defense industry, textiles, and the automotive and aviation industries. This material can be used to create lightweight, durable components used in orthopedics, surgical meshes, dental implants, and biological dressings to speed wound healing.

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Another possible use could be to make condoms more durable – said Jeffrey Grossman, CEO of Startups. By combining rayon and latex, the material will be able to make it thinner and stronger condomsIt is less likely to rupture.




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