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Scientists discover giant 1,000-year-old cave paintings

Scientists discover giant 1,000-year-old cave paintings

A certain cave in Alabama The exact location is a closely guarded secretIt hides hundreds of cave paintings and is considered one of the richest sites of indigenous rock art in America. This is where, using photogrammetry technology to take hundreds of photos to create a virtual 3D model, scientists recently discovered Huge unnoticed cave paintings known as glyphs.

This method allows us to create virtual model of spaceWe can manipulate it. In this particular case, the ceiling of the cave is very low. We’ve never seen these big pictures before because we couldn’t move far enough to see them. After creating a hypothetical model, we can look at them from a larger perspective – Jan Simek from the University of Tennessee explains in an interview with Live Science.

mentioned record making avatar With the help of clay, it has a diamond-shaped pattern, and then scientists believe that it may be present Texas rattlesnake snake (Crotalus atrox), a creature considered sacred by the indigenous people of the southeastern regions of America.

This is what she was building too Giant Ritual HillsThat will make her closer to Heaven’s Souls Caves were their opposite, that is, the path to the spirits of the underworld. The rest of the five “new” paintings depicted a life-size man – but they are probably all just part of a larger whole.

It is worth noting that the cave was discovered in 1998 and to this day remains unnamed (for scientific purposes it is referred to simply as the unnamed Nineteenth Cave) to protect the heritage of the indigenous people. Ha Trails are 5 km longbut most of the discovered paintings are in one large room, or so it seemed so far, because the above-mentioned pictorial analogy may bring many unexpected discoveries.

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