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Scientists want to study ‘alien spacecraft’

Scientists want to study 'alien spacecraft'

أوOumuamua From the start it fascinated scholars. They had never dealt with such an orb. Calculations showed that it flew to us from the direction of Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lute, which is only 25 light-years from Earth. The researchers were surprised by the unusual shape of the body. At first it was thought to resemble a cigar, but Harvard scholars believe we were looking at it at an angle, in fact it was a disc less than a millimeter in diameter and with sail-like proportions.

Not only that, they believe that we are dealing here with a cosmic sail sent for research purposes by an alien civilization, which decided to check whether there is something interesting in our area. Solar SystemBecause it is very close to Vega. The surface of Umaru reflects 10 times more sunlight than objects known to us in the form of asteroids or comets.

Lube is sure this stuff is made of it space probe, to reflect as many sunlight and solar wind particles as possible, which in turn was to increase the speed with which the probe travels. The object began to accelerate sharply as it moved away from the sun. Calculations showed that he was moving much faster than expected. In addition, she did not leave behind a cloud of dust and gases, which also surprised astronomers. It is the gases that can accelerate the body, but they were different here.

The scientist explains that alien civilizations, like us, send space probes to study alien planetary systems. It particularly means civilizations that do not yet have the advanced technology to make interstellar travel inhabited. After all, the human race sent in the 1970s Sony Voyager i-pioneerWhich is now the furthest thing built by the human hand.

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It came to us the same way A mysterious visitor among the stars His name is Oumuamua. It was sent by one of the thousands of civilizations that inhabit planets orbiting the stars closest to us. The latest data from space telescopes shows that up to half of the Sun-like stars we’ve discovered have rocky Earth-size planets. They are located in the habitats of their stars, which means that they can be found on their surfaces The conditions for the flourishing of biological life.

Scientists want to send an expedition to ‘Oumuamua. According to the plan just presented, the craft will take off from Earth in 2028. On its journey, it will fly close to Earth twice and close to Venus and Jupiter once. Later in the mission, the mysterious object will follow. Scientists want the probe to be based on solar sailbe driven by the laser. The car will join the facility after 2050. Experts from Starshot hackWho invented the technology by which it would be possible to send a mission to Proxima Centauri.

Avi Loeb He recently published a book describing what humanity must do in order to finally realize how much we can achieve and understand if only we start in earnest to explore the universe. The world believes that every civilization can easily send millions of these space probes, so there are many of them in the nearest space so we must look for them in the sky, and not listen to strange signals by radio telescopes and guess if they will come. From ourselves or from strangers.

The world encourages space agencies and private investors to fund research and Organizing space missions On such things, in order to find out if they are really natural or created by alien civilizations, which, like us, are trying to find other living beings and answer basic questions, where we come from, where we are going and what it feels like to have all this.

If ‘Oumuamua is indeed a space probe, our civilization may not be technologically inferior to our other civilization in terms of technology. Successful tests have recently been carried out in Earth orbit LightSail-2 . solar sail. In the 1920s, many private investors intended to build such large objects and send them on a journey to the nearest stars and planetary systems. Experts believe that such compounds can reach half the speed of light, so it may take less than 8 years to reach the nearest star (excluding the Sun).

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