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Sebastian Fabijanski Kisses on the Street with Anna Maria Cicluca! Our whistleblower: ‘They both take it seriously’

Sebastian Fabijanski Kisses on the Street with Anna Maria Cicluca!  Our whistleblower: 'They both take it seriously'

a few months ago Sebastian Fabijanski They have fallen into the trap of the greats Scandal involving transvestites celebrity Ravalala. The actor spoke about behind the scenes of their mysterious acquaintance and meetings in an honest conversation with Michał Dziedzic. Fabijański also shared the information that he was not loyal to Maffashion and cheated on her while they were still in the relationship. Later, information appeared in the media that Julka had an affair with a certain Matthew, with whom she was supposed to meet on the set of the filming of the program “Fort Boyard”.

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Now one of the tabloids reports that Sebastian Fabijansky meets with the sexy star Blanca Lipinska – Anna Maria Sikluca. The site “Fakt” published some photos in which the actress appears warmly greeting Fabijansky. Once they met, the couple fell into each other’s arms and stole some kisses.

Talented Anna Maria Sicloka was waiting for him just outside the house (…). The actors hugged each other like old friends and then went shopping at the gas station – We read on the site.

It turned out that their acquaintance developed only recently. A person from the couple’s close circle revealed in an interview with Pudelek that the actors take this relationship very seriously.

Anna Maria Sikluca is reluctant to talk about her private life, but on the occasion of the premiere of the series “365 Days”. Has been linked to Michele Moroni multiple times. The stars of Lipinska erotica poured fuel on the fire, hugged each other at film premieres and posted “hot” photos on the Internet. However, Anna Maria seems to prefer Fabijansky’s company …

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How do they do it. They find someone quickly

Where are the pictures of these kisses?

Brave, but good luck.

This is a beautiful Sieklucka. Siba is going through an intense year this year.

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Pudelek, as usual, is one big farm

If this is true, then luck is a better identifier mafia and perhaps even more beautiful

Boudl, why are you deleting my comments??

It’s a lot like Mavasion. In the pictures in Fact they can be confused.

But the ranking of the pictures is at expert level 🙂 The poodles made me laugh!

Still with ukasz and with Fabijański, you know each other for a long time and nothing connects them

Maybe some Ela. Rafael ….

Ravalala… he smashed the rubble and inspected, I hope he didn’t pay him for insults

with him???? Buszy how can you

They are not together and you are not swallowed up by sandwiches, the dog is looking for a cheap, as always, sense of strength

A tragedy occurred in my family – I only have a mother who was very upset, I am practically alone with everything.

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