July 29, 2021

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Secretary of State Zbigniew Rao talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen

Secretary of State Zbigniew Rao talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen

Secretary of State Gibbnev Rao had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Thursday, according to the State Department’s news service. According to the announcement, the conversation took place at the request of the US side.

Minister Zibiknev Rao spoke by phone with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen US President Joe Biden meets with Russian President Vladimir PutinIt happened in Geneva on Wednesday.

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Rao told reporters that it was Blinken who asked him for an interview “primarily about the conduct and results of the Biden-Putin summit.”

“In an interview with President Putin, President Biden told me that the United States will defend strategic stability in international relations and that I will stand firm against actions that undermine this stability.”

Blingen said President Biden had said that the United States was committed to its obligations under Article 5 of the Washington Agreement and would act beyond doubt under the agreement if necessary.

“I have to say that I was built into this kind of presidency of the United States because this is undoubtedly the message that President Putin should hear,” Rao said.

Rao who visited Turkey

The head of Polish diplomacy, Gbigno Rao, will pay a visit to Turkey on Thursday.

Foreign Minister Zbiknev Rao before leaving for TurkeyBAP / Rodek Petruska

During his stay in Turkey, the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry will attend the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, an international conference on global challenges to peace, security and development. It will be attended by 12 heads of state and 43 foreign ministers, representatives of international organizations, intellectual and academic circles and the media – a total of about 1,000 participants.

The conference will be inaugurated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Key Photo Source: BAP / EPA / Erin Scott

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