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Selena Gomez ‘Body Positive’ addresses the haters: ‘I don’t care about my weight’

Selena Gomez 'Body Positive' addresses the haters: 'I don't care about my weight'

Selena Gomez He is one of the most famous stars of the younger generation. She became famous thanks to her participation in Disney youth productions. Over time, the star broke off from the image of a sweet teenage girl and devoted herself to a music career as an independent artist. Meanwhile, the media closely followed her private life, especially the ups and downs Relationship with Justin Bieber. Years later, the star admitted that the constant presence of the media caused her a lot of problems.

in 2017 Gomez She finds herself at the center of interest in gossiping when getting information about her conflict with lupus. The star had to undergo surgery Kidney TransplantAs a result, she disappeared from social media for a long time. Breaking with the hustle and bustle of show business was beneficial for the celebrity, because they gained inner peace, which translated into greater self-confidence.

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A few years ago, in an interview, Selena admitted it The body changes under the influence of the medications it takesTherefore, she had to face the law of beauty imposed by society, which assumes the preservation of an unrealistically slender figure:

I suffer from lupus, kidney problems and high blood pressure. Because of my health issues, I began to take an interest in issues related to the way one looks at the body. It really made me nervous – She said.

Today, the star talks more lightly on the topic of body positivity and body shaming. In the posted TikTok video, Gomez spoke candidly about her trip to a popular fast food restaurant, where she treated herself to a full meal:

In the sequel to the video, the celebrity openly stated that people will always put up negative opinions about her appearance, so she stopped worrying about critical comments:

I don’t really care about my weight because people complain about it anyway. “You’re too small”, “You’re too big”, “It doesn’t suit you” blah blah blah. I’m perfect as I am announced. What is the moral of the story? Farewell She concluded that she was not interested in the opinion of anonymous Internet users.

I’m sticking with Selena, I know how humiliated it is because of your weight (and a fat person doesn’t say that). The world has become dumb…

Exactly, I’m going home at Christmas. I hug a few kilos because I don’t want to have 53 kg anymore only 56 and feel great, but I am already waiting for comments from my grandmother, aunt and the rest of the companions…… The other side of the coin is that I was sick when I was a teenager and after taking medicine I gained 18 kg, and if I lose weight, the wind won’t kick you out in an instant, for God’s sake. I don’t feel like going there, on the ground

Let’s not go crazy. It is different for someone who is significantly overweight, and it is different for someone who is a few kilograms overweight. Not everyone wants to be skinny.

People have no idea how these diseases break down the body and how they affect appearance. She takes steroids and other heavy drugs. I was looking at Selena in awe, how wonderful she is despite all that she is going through. Comparing such a person and their weight with a healthy person is … sick … although diet, exercise and a really healthy lifestyle are difficult to control. I know what to say because I myself am after steroid and immunosuppressive therapy. It is very annoying when others comment on the weight or condition of the skin, when they are not affected by it.

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Recent Comments (43)

Is it not difficult for foreigners to send Ukrainians to slaughter, as it was for Russian Georgians during World War II?

Has he lost his sense of reality and played the hero in a bloody opera? Ordinary people die in real terms? If in a theater they staged a tragedy after which only half of the audience left, and the rest remained dead and bloodied in the room, is that considered madness? And this madness happens every day, and is ignited irresponsibly by actors in the political arena?

What is the weight? It seems that the first crazy Ukrainian ataman wants to drag all European countries, and perhaps America, into the Third World War with Russia? He even commands this participation of the other chiefs, because the transfer of offensive materiel is already a participation in the war as a party?

Well she said. She has a natural and adorable personality. The world today is crazy about the diseased artificial body law. Take care of Selinka. All in all, let’s stick to all the cupcakes too

Who has heard anything good about the people of Poznan?

How many hours did you spend in training?

In primary school, I weighed a little more than other girls, but I was not fat but tall … The gentleman from PE began to scare me that I would have health problems, he also said that I had a trusty valve in my heart … I was only a child …Since then, I ran from physical education classes and from the pool so no one would judge me because I was supposed to be fat, I was afraid of this guy, he was really laughing at me when I couldn’t jump over goats, etc. I didn’t say anything to my mom after that because I thought it would be worse… Then the others started laughing. I hurt myself, the pain made me feel better mentally, people are terrible I am 22 years old, I am still ashamed of my body, this kind has destroyed me and it seems that it still works in this school …

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But she always looks great, not excessively, not excessively fat and not excessively thin, and malicious frustrations attach to …

She looks like Monica Bellucci so what soup, how many bowls 😊🤗

Well, where does she have these kilograms?

How does her shape not fit the classic standards of beauty? Not understand. After all, this is a proportional and graceful girl. Skinny, just not skinny. Classic beauty 180 cm slim woman?

Patient. exactly. Stupid like 150.

Everyone should have a body in which they feel comfortable and comfortable, not as created by the media and the imposition of “beauty” standards. Beauty is a relative and subjective concept. A beautiful woman is not always a dry, skinny hanger. You must be a fat person or fat, because in such a body probably no one will be satisfied, but let’s not go crazy and just be ourselves, not celebrities from TV or Instagram …

What’s going on? Looks great …

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