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Selena Gomez wanted to take her own life: ‘I thought the world would be better if I wasn’t there’

Selena Gomez wanted to take her own life: 'I thought the world would be better if I wasn't there'

Selena Gomez For years she has spoken out loud about her health problems. In 2017, she passed away Kidney transplant surgeryAnd you’re struggling too Lupus erythematosus.

Now, in turn, the star decided to talk about mental health. In the latest documentary about himself, which is set to premiere on November 4, he confides in topics related to Depression, psychosis, and bipolar disorder.

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In order to enhance production Gomez He gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine. In honest conversation, she’s revealed, among other things, about it over the past few years It was processed in four centers.

I’ll be very honest – I’ve been to four treatment centers. I think when I started getting into my early twenties, I started to feel really dark inside of me. I started noticing that I had no control over how I felt, whether what I did was good or bad… – She recalls, and then describes how her psychological problems developed:

It started with depression and then went into isolation. At the time, I couldn’t get out of bed. I don’t want anyone to talk to me. My friends bring me food because they love me, but none of us know what’s wrong with me. Sometimes I lay in bed for weeks, and just going down the stairs was making me feel cramped.

The artist revealed that she was in the worst moments I thought of suicide. But she never attempted suicide.

I thought the world would be better if I wasn’t in it… – reveal.

In 2018, Selena passed psychotic episode She “heard voices” and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, Gomez does not remember much from that period. Her friends later informed that she was there Unrecognizable.

You have guided me well. I had to detox from the medications I was taking and learn to remember certain words. During the conversation, I forgot where I was. It took a lot of hard work for me. This is accepting that I am bipolar and learning how to deal with it because it won’t go away – says in an interview.

She also touched on the issue of having children. It turns out that because of the medications you take after kidney transplant surgery, He has little chance of motherhood. However, she indicated that she would do “whatever she has to do” to become a mother.

It also indirectly referred to the topic Hailey Bieberadmit it later an interview “I felt bad for two days,” and She would have had such an “accident” for “months”.

At the end of the conversation, Gomez announced that she intends to post the document Remove yourself from the show business for a while.

This is probably the most you’ll hear about me in a while. I want her out, but I also want her to be behind me. From time to time, it is important to disappear – Concluded the interview with “Rolling Stone”.

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Selena is with you the most beautiful world!

Very early in show business as a kid. So does Bieber. His song “Lonely” speaks for itself

Well… most Disney kids end up like this

sensitive girl. I feel sorry for her. Sensitive people are worse.

I am sorry. I’ve been through it too. Sorry for the girl.

Recent Comments (48)

Nooooo, I must have a man determined, brave and resourceful, because I can’t handle cocksuckers, after all, there would be tragedy on my part. I hope that God will give me someone who is suitable for me, tangible, strong and humorous. Jesus what effeminate and retarded men are now where I live.

In the event that there is such a burden – autoimmune diseases, psychological, serious and frequent problems, it is better to abandon having a child. First, there is the issue of heredity of susceptibility to these diseases, and secondly, the child does a lot of work, sleepless nights, stress, problems.

Another paranoia? The world would be just as bad and unjust without her as it is with her. It is a pity that a girl cannot live in the silence that she clearly needs.

The arrogance of all these starlets is amazing, thinking that the whole world revolves around them

I was also thinking of ending myself

It’s a sad bar…

17 minutes ago

So what if she was fabulously rich… so what…

I just learned from a certain person that he will not come to work with a mild sore throat, that he will stay at home, and therefore you will entrust his duties to me and I also have something to do. In the end, I always felt sorry for everyone and tried to make everyone feel good about the transformation, that there would always be protection, often at their own expense and health, so that it would be easier for others, but now I would begin to think only of myself. An old man and terrified like a woman, nothing quite masculine, I don’t know what happened to these guys at the turn of 30 years, we fall sensitive and terrified. Zero masculinity, such an odorless deity, oh my goodness. I will leave immediately.

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Mariah Carey is the best singer in music history, of course among the great or former singers Celine Dion, Whitney Houston’s Kristen Aquilera and Artha Franklin, while Mariah Carey in the early ’90s was untouched by Whitney or some other great DIVS of today. There is no one and no longer will be someone who can express more closely than the artists I mentioned above. Ariana would write, but neither the softness of an English voice like Maria nor the strength of the bell that Whitney had. Someone writes Adele, really, the British girl has a lot of voice, but she screams more than she sings, Dua Lipa, well, the mid-’80s and early ’90s was definitely the time when the biggest stars came into the music scene.

Selena has lupus and a kidney transplant. It’s definitely frustrating. Younger and younger girls are getting sick… Hayley has also had a mini-stroke and heart problems, Sandra Kubica has endometriosis, the new girl from Wojewódzki after cancer…

And in our country, people after psychotic episodes do not have health insurance. Who is welfare for if it doesn’t help such people? Where would families go to get a GP for someone with severe hallucinations, even if they were on medication? So many laws are being made, and it is impossible to organize and provide health insurance for the seriously ill! But what we prefer to help other countries. We are still waiting for the invoice!

When will the dog begin to mock the construction of the dam on the border with Kaliningrad Oblast?

How do most of these stars suffer from such disorders? She, Bieber, Britney, Demi and many other people who are no longer with us. Does fame destroy them so much?

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