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Serbia and Kosovo argue over license plates. Military on standby

Serbia and Kosovo argue over license plates.  Military on standby

The conflict between Kosovo and Serbia over license plates has resurfaced.

According to an earlier plan by the Kosovo authorities As of August 1, Serbs living there had two months to replace plates and documents. The government has also decided, as of that date, that all Serbian citizens visiting Kosovo will have to obtain an additional entry permit at the border.

Then there were protests too Security forces shot by Serbs. Kosovo decided – as of November 1 – to punish those who break the rules. However – at the moment – Warnings will only be issued until November 21. This will be followed by a two-month period for the issuance of a fine of 150 euros. From April 21, vehicles with Serbian plates will be confiscated.

The Serbian Defense Minister commented on the case on Happy TV Milos Vucevich.

– president Aleksandar Vucic He ordered the armed forces to be ready to a level that would enable them to respond to any task. He stressed that we are a serious country and are taking steps to be able to respond to every difficult situation and potential problem.

according to him Kosovo authorities do not want to escalate the conflict and dialogue. He noted that his country has a similar position, because “negotiating for a thousand days is better than spending one in the trenches.”

Vucevic confirmed it Serbia is not preparing for war, but “this does not mean that we can be completely unprepared for everything that is happening around us.”

serbia, Which lost control of Kosovo after the 1999 NATO campaign, refuses to recognize the independence of its former province and refuses to use Kosovo registration plates on its territory since 2008, that is, since the declaration of its independence. Currently, Kosovo is recognized as an independent state by 98 countries, including 23 out of 27 in the European Union and 24 out of 30 NATO members..

Serbia and Kosovo started a dialogue under the auspices of the European Union in 2013, but so far no significant agreement has been reached.

Currently, there are tensions between Serbia and Kosovo The biggest in years. There are more and more voices saying that Vladimir Putin may be behind the destabilization of the situation in the Balkans. Such a war would, at least in part, divert the world’s attention from the Russian crimes committed in Ukraine.

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