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Seres is another Chinese car brand in Poland. There is a list of merchants

Seres is another Chinese car brand in Poland.  There is a list of merchants

Seres belongs to the Dongfeng Sokon Automobile group known globally as DFSK. The cars are manufactured in China, Indonesia and the United States. The manufacturer, operating since 2005, has already exported 350 thousand. Cars of 70 countries. Interestingly, Seres technology is not a well-known copy of other Chinese brands, but is being developed in the United States, in Silicon Valley.

Series 3 – the electric crossover of our time

The first model that was introduced to Poland is Series 3 at a cost of 160395 PLN. The crossover is 4.4 meters long, accommodates five people and meets the basic needs of a middle-class family. It also has a wide range of equipment (only one version is available), both in terms of comfort and brand, such as leather upholstery or a panoramic roof.

Series 3 – Range, Performance and Dynamics

The car is cobalt free Lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 53 kWh And an electric motor with a capacity of 162 hp. Charging system allows Use of electricity with a power of up to 60 kW, which allows you to recharge the battery in the range of 20-80 percent. in 30 minutes. Specify the manufacturer Range 329 km. Ceres accelerates to 155 km / h, and reaches 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds.

Ceres 3

guarantee For the whole car: 5 years or 150,000 km, and for the battery alone: ​​8 years or 120,000 km. It also includes low battery efficiency. If it is above 30 percent. During the warranty period, the battery will be replaced with a new one.

The manufacturer himself indicates that the car is not designed to demonstrate the highest technical capabilities electric mobility. It is not a long-distance vehicle, but an ordinary everyday vehicle for normal driving. So it is a car of our time, which we drive from several kilometers to tens of kilometers a day and sometimes only elsewhere.

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Ceres 3

Where to buy Seresa 3?

Although the Polish branch is now slowly publishing this brand officially, it has been in operation since mid-2021. 66 copies sold. Lots of these cars drive on the streets of Warsaw. It is scheduled to sell 300 units by the end of the year.

The network of agents includes the following entrepreneurs:

  • Plichta group – Pomeranian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian,
  • Satal – Lodge,
  • Autocrack – Lesser Poland,
  • Otto Centrum Liss – Greater Poland,
  • Auto E-Net – West Pomeranian province,
  • Kingsman Finance – Financing / Underwriting,
  • DS Germaz – Lower Silesia,
  • MMcars – Masovian, Silesia.

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