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Series 1899 from Netflix reviews for the dark creators

“1899” in the first minutes draws us on a ship sailing from London to New York. Ensures that the British steamship “Kerberos” will reach the New World in just seven days. On board we find a whole host of passengers, from the most affluent, occupying the luxurious cabins to the poor immigrants hoping for a better life in America. These two worlds, the wealthy passengers who hang out in the luxurious interiors of the restaurants, do not meet the commoners who occupy the great room below deck, where the less well-known travelers are crowded.

We get to see both a newlywed couple, surprisingly – they don’t seem to be the happiest people in the world, as well as two brothers with dark secrets that they try to explain to each other in whispers, and Maura (Emily Beecham), an Irish girl studying medicine, and even worse – traveling alone. This fact causes concern among other travelers. How can a lady travel alone. This raises mixed feelings among the guests, who keep a close eye on the woman in the dining room on the plane. And when Maura decides to help a pregnant woman “below deck,” she will no doubt become the subject of yet another gossip. It is worth noting that Mora specialized in her research in the functions of the human brain. This is one of her obsessions. He sails to New York to start over and find his brother.

British steamship trip
During the voyage, we learned that the Kerberos belongs to the same company that lost another ship in the waters of the Atlantic a few months ago. He called it “Prometheus” and for four months it was not known what happened to the crew and passengers. While Kerberos is sailing on a predetermined course, the captain suddenly receives information that a ship is transmitting radio information about its location. This can only mean one thing – Prometheus is nearby and one of the survivors needs help. Thus begins the whole story, which is only gaining momentum at this point.

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If you’ve watched the movie “Dark,” you’ll immediately recognize the hand of its creators. In addition to building characters from a million nuances, allowing us to look at them more closely, we get a picture of their fears, turmoil, and anxieties. Everyone is striving for something, from the captain, through the lonely Mora, to Olek, the boy who throws coal in the boiler room (played by Maciej Mosiasz).

Interestingly, in the series, the characters from different parts of Europe speak their native languages, which is why they often cannot communicate with each other. The series shows a true cultural and ethnic melting pot. People of different nationalities and cultures gather on the ship. Sometimes they cannot agree on a trifle, but when it comes to something really important, they are able to find a thread of understanding.

similarities between “1899” and “dark”

Dark taught us that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese love mysteries, multi-story plots, and make high demands on their viewers. If we do not want to lose sight of the hero, we must follow him all the time, listen to what he says even if he mutters under his breath, read his notes, letters, and eavesdrop on conversations. Sometimes it is tiring because it requires so much attention all the time. What happened to Prometheus, why did it disappear from the radar for four months, delay Kerberos passenger flight? Given that three seasons are planned for the production, we can assume that Seven Days from London to New York is a very optimistic assumption.

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Captain Eck (Andreas Pietschmann) “Kerbesrosa” and Mora deserve special attention. These two are definitely different from the others. It seems they have some secrets that they are trying to hide from the outside world. As viewers, we’re just getting indications that the captain looks through the looking glass a lot and makes risky decisions, while Maura has some emotional problems, possibly suffering from mental disorders.

Fun with species
“1899” It, like “Darkness”, combines the elements of thriller, science fiction production, fashion series and psychological depth experience. For viewers who don’t like solving puzzles at every turn, the series may seem quite tiring and stressful, but for fans of the duo’s work, it should be satisfying.

The show is very long and getting to know the following characters can be tedious, especially since we give up one in favor of meeting the next. We have many heroes, but the most important ones will be played by: Clamence (Mathilde Olivier), Lucien (Jonas Bloquet), Jerome (Jan Gael), Olek (Masiej Musiat), Angel (Miguel Bernardo), Ramiro (José Pimentão), Tove (Clara Rosager) and Christer (Lukas Lingard-Tonsen).

Strong punch line
Individual episodes have an interesting makeup, and usually end with an important discovery for the characters. It is accompanied by background music from a rock playlist. For example, the last episode of the first episode ends with the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. As we remember, it is such experiments that are the hallmark of the creative duo. However, it does get a bit tiring in the long run. Especially as we are still waiting for the first major breakthrough in Champions history.

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“1899” is an eight-episode series that invites you to explore the mystery of British steamships that are unable to reach their destination. Watch out for seasickness.

The series is available on Netflix from November 17th.

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