July 28, 2021

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Series A. Piotr Zieliński is more closely related to the giant

Series A. Piotr Zieliński is more closely related to the giant

The Italians doubt, above all, whether the desire of the coach of “Zurich” Lucien Spalletti will come true, as he explained that if the team had remained from the previous season without any changes in the team, it would have been enough for him.

However, the club’s €19m shortfall from Napoli, combined with the lack of promotion to the Champions League, means that unpopular decisions must be considered.

One such move is the transfer of a player who has greatly boosted his ratings in the past two seasons, namely Pyotr Zelensky.

“Tuttosport” journalists dozens of hours ago indicated a great interest in the Polish, mainly from Manchester City. With today’s edition, this is one of Italy’s leading sports magazines furthering its message.

There is talk of Zell’s possible departure from the Etihad Stadium. – There are many Premier League clubs interested in Poland, in particular Pep Guardiola’s club, Manchester City, which can make an offer of 50 million euros – we read.

Vesuvius’ captain, Lorenzo Insigne, would be much cheaper, but in this case the real €20m must be viewed from a different perspective. Well, the striker’s contract with the club expires a year later at the end of June.

The Tuttosport letter proves that the most important motive for a Polish and Italian sale can largely be financial issues. The money raised by the club will be used to cover part of a shortfall of $19 million and the rest to buy a defensive winger and a strong midfielder.

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