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Set an Olympic champion? “A sports murder was committed against him.” “X-Archive” issue

Set an Olympic champion?  "A sports murder was committed against him."  "X-Archive" issue

This is an updated version of this article as of February 2021.

Italy, Alex Schwazer, has been waiting for this issue to be settled since 2016, when the “doping” message was sent to the world again, just before the next Olympic Games. Then a “duplicate offender” was added. It was first suspended for EPO use in 2012, before the London Olympics. Then the walker hit his chest. He said: I’m sorry, I misled. He accepted disqualification and returned to the place after three and a half years of suspension.

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But what happened around him in 2016 was more complicated. In fact, it still looks like a sporty “X-Archive.” First, Schwazer listened to the critical opinions of circles who were disgusted with his return. Gianmarco Tampere, the world indoor high jump champion, called it an “Italian disgrace”. However, the infantry did its job. He trained and was tested for steroids. No one has any objection to the survey that was taken on January 1, 2016. They only appeared when Schwazers qualified for Rio.

Euphoria, Lyumania. Lewandowski beat Neymar. frenzy in spain

Suddenly it turned out that the competitor’s sample that was retested in January gave a positive result. Steroids were detected in it. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has issued an eight-year prison sentence. Only this time Schwazer shouted, “I’m innocent.” Instead of a 20-kilometer walking route in Rio, the athlete entered the fights in the offices.

The affair lasted five years, and the stake was not a medal, but mainly a good name for the player. It seems that the verdict in the criminal case against him, which was published by the Bolzano court in 87 pages, only closed the story. It added more fuel to the fire and surprised a lot of the environment. The judge ruled in 2016 that the athlete “did not commit the alleged crime”. He added that there was a possibility that someone had intentionally “tampered” the athlete’s urine sample. La Repubblica once wrote that the case may have been a conspiracy against Walker and his coach Sandro Donati, a staunch opponent of doping, who has often tried to argue with sports cheaters. More interestingly, the court also had reservations about the conduct and actions of WADA and the International Association of Athletics Federations (formerly the International Association of Athletics Federations, today World Athletics). The World Anti-Doping Agency is appalled by this decision and the charges against him. Legal steps announced.

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‘chain of violations’

The 50-kilometer Olympic champion from Beijing was not a sports celebrity. After the gold medal in 2008, Schwarz was considered a favorite for the podium in London. Only the Anti-Doping Committee has had its experiences with it. As soon as the inspectors knocked on his door, the contestant’s friend at the time, snowboarder Carolina Costner, said the boy was gone. Then she admitted to the prosecutor’s office that she lied to avoid trouble. She explained that her boyfriend then slept in a special hyperbaric room. The World Anti-Doping Agency does not ban such methods, but the information was not cheered by Italian investigators. High chambers, stimulate the body to produce red blood cells, as forbidden by Italian law. During the investigation, it also turned out that Schwazer kept the EPO in Costner’s refrigerator, which she did not know – this is her version of events, not convincing enough for the sports authorities. Costner’s marriage to her fiancé was suspended for 16 months. For her boyfriend, who was finally checked by WADA monitors anyway, traces of EPO in his body meant disqualification. – I wanted to be stronger in this competition, I made a mistake – he admitted and announced that he would end his career. Except that after the end of his period of ineligibility for the sport he returned and it was not bad, because he obtained the Olympic qualification. The door to Rio was closed due to extremely high levels of testosterone, which were discovered during a second examination of a sample taken in January 2016.

However, the status of this specimen is unclear, at least for Schwarz and the Italian judiciary. DA, the IAAF, and the jury to which the player appealed because he had been ineligible for eight years found him guilty. They declared that the material collected showed a prohibited substance. The Italian judge in the criminal case (Walter Bellino) viewed her differently. He cited the reports of his experts indicating that “the concentration of some substances in the urine does not correspond to human physiology.” It was suggested that the substance might have been interfered with so that the sample would become positive.

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“The manipulation hypothesis not only allows us to explain how and why the atypical results of chemical tests occurred, but is also the only convincing explanation for this case,” said a judge who conducted the sample’s DNA testing and chemical analysis four years ago. by international experts “to determine whether substances present in urine can be added later”.

He also drew attention to documents from the Russian “fairy bear” pirates. They allegedly stole 23 emails from the IAAF, Thomas Capdevil, and attorney Ross Wenzel. It is a defense strategy against the Bolzano court, which began with the confiscation of Walker’s samples stored in a laboratory in Cologne for DNA analysis. These emails expressed “doubts, contradictions and fears” about that. The judge also noted problems with access to samples. Bellino was even supposed to involve the German Ministry of Justice to influence the laboratory in Cologne, which was delaying the shipment of materials to Italy. It took nearly two years. The judge also painted a picture of contempt for the IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Agency, which does not tolerate external controls, does much to prevent it, and even makes false statements. In his opinion, “there is evidence of a number of violations to prevent the tamper sample being found.”

Juventus - Atlético match canceled.  Another bombing of the Gaza StripJuventus – Atlético match canceled. Another bombing of the Gaza Strip

“The judge rejected the evidence in favor of baseless theories”

WADA’s eyes wide in judgment. In her statement, she said she was “horrified by the reckless and baseless allegations that the judge made against the organization and other parties in this case.”

The Anti-Doping Agency said: “WADA has presented compelling evidence that has been supported by independent experts. The judge dismissed it in favor of unfounded theories.” They confirm that they maintain all the arrangements they have made in this regard. After reviewing the full ruling, the World Anti-Doping Agency shall “consider all available options, including any legal action it may initiate”.

– A sports murder has already been committed on Alex. After what he did in 2012, many immediately judged him in 2016, says the walking coach, citing La Repubblica newspaper. – They did not believe him, but they doubted me, too. They considered me naive at best. But I took every precaution, knew what I was doing, and quickly realized it was an ambush. After all, also how I was framed in this story: as such an asshole or partner of a cheerful rival. Sandro Donati said I am neither this nor that. He’s a coach who has been fighting doping for years, and in many cases has whistleblower status. He even helped a journalist from the Sunday Times when he explored Lance Armstrong’s relationships with “the tonic doctor” Michel Ferrari. In 2015, Donati agreed to coach Schwazer who mourned his old actions. One of the theories of the Italian court and the party accused of doping claims that the case was not only to discredit the player himself, but also his coach. Donati was the first to comment on the judgment of the court in Bolzano and thank him for his struggle to find the truth. Then Schwazer himself took the floor.

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– This is my greatest victory. Like gold from Beijing. There, I knew what awaited me, I trained a lot, and on the way to the competition I felt like a fish in the water. Now it was like going through the desert, but Schwazer described the case with my angels, Sandro Donati and the lawyers. Everyone thought I was fighting because I wanted to get back into sports. It was just a small part of the motive. First of all, I wanted to prove my innocence. La Gazzetta dello Sport said it would be unbearable for me to spend the rest of my life in such an unfair disgrace. Is the 37-year-old now considering resuming his athletic disqualification that ends in 2024 and would like to fight for the Tokyo Olympics? I would be a hypocrite if I said no. After all, I’m still training, even though there isn’t much time until this event. However, he soon added. – I’ll think about it tomorrow. Now I have a family party and I have a piece of cake. Over the years, I’ve been losing a lot of energy.

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