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Severe closure in Sydney. Residents rushed to the stores in panic

Od soboty w Sydney i w okolicach obowiązuje dwutygodniowy ścisły lockdown. Spanikowani mieszkańcy, pomimo próśb władz stanu Nowa Południowa Walia, ruszyli do supermarketów, z półek znikają makarony, chleb i papier toaletowy.

There is a strict two-week shutdown in and around Sydney on Saturday. Panicked residents, despite requests from the NSW state authorities, went to supermarkets, and pasta, bread and toilet paper disappeared from the shelves.

State Premier Gladys Berejiklian has called for essential products not to be repurchased. There is no curfew. You can go out and buy what you need at any time – I confirmed. She also asked not to “panic buying”.

Despite this, as the Australian portal reported, The frightened residents of the capital went to the supermarkets. Social media circulated pictures of shopping carts filled with piles of toilet paper. Pasta, bread, rice and meat were other goods that disappeared from store shelves. One supermarket enters a limit of two packages of toilet paper per customer.

Strict closure is linked in Sydney until July 9 The Delta Coronavirus variant is fast spreading there. This week, 80 new infections were identified in this part of Australia. City residents cannot travel outside its borders. Health Minister Brad Hazzard announced that breaking these restrictions would be at risk severe penalties. He warned that the NSW Police Force is equipped with “every kind of technology” that will track the license plate numbers of those trying to move outside the lockdown area.

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The Minister of Health warned that Fines for breaking the closure amount to 11 thousand. dollar Australian (8.35 thousand US dollars). If a car stops with several people in it, the fine can be up to 55,000 Australian dollars (41.73 thousand US dollars) per person. Hazard threatened, saying: “Anyone who violates the restrictions can be brought to court, and if the court finds that it is justified, they can order a prison sentence of up to 6 months.”

Australia has so far coped well with the coronavirus pandemic with swift border closures and strict social distancing rules. The country has so far reported more than 30,400 infections and 910 deaths.

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