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Shakira is angry with Gerard Pique. It’s about his new partner. The deal was different

Shakira is angry with Gerard Pique.  It's about his new partner.  The deal was different

Gerrard Pique And the Shakira They broke up in early June. It was not known for a long time who the new partner of the football player is. In the end, the journalists were able to prove that she is a 23-year-old student, who has a blonde Poetry He works for a favorite football club called La Traviesa. At first Effects He kept the relationship a secret. As for now, he has completely stopped hiding with him, which Shakira does not like.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique divorced. What was the reason?

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Shakira angry at Pique for going out in public with his new partner

Pique and his new partner Clara Shea Marti went to Summerfest Cerdanya. According to Spanish media reports, the couple showed a lot of affection. They sat together in the stands, kissing enthusiastically in front of the others. Photojournalists for the Spanish social media portal captured their hot feeling. This was to very irritate Shakira, who allegedly struck an arrangement with Gerrard that she would not appear in public with her new partner for the sake of the children. Before that, the football player tried to keep the relationship secret. As reported by “The Sun”, he was supposed to participate friends.

To do this, they cleaned up Clara’s social media profiles so that people could not find her photos. This alone makes his friends think that he takes his relationship with her very seriously.

Recently, the media also heard information that Pique is taking revenge on Shakira for obstructing his contact with children. As reported by the MAG portal, football star and Clara Chia Marti appear together in places where the singer can be seen.

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