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Shame on Poland heads of Ukrainian sports. Sharp Olympic Medalist

Shame on Poland heads of Ukrainian sports.  Sharp Olympic Medalist

For several hours, dark clouds gathered Serge Bubkaa former legendary high jumper who has been a frontman for years.

Unfortunately now, at the time of her greatest experiences, Bubka, in the opinion of his compatriots, does not pass the exam, for which the Olympic champion in wrestling Shan Pechenyuk condemned him..

A strange objection to Bubka, specifically the association he has been president of since 2005, ie The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine was formed by Olga Sadochasitting in the Verkhovna Rada of her country.

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The 38-year-old bronze medalist in the triple jump from the 2012 London Olympics, the world champion from Daegu and three-time Continental champion gave an introduction to her position on the topic. The behavior of international partners in relation to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

– In the first weeks of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the world sports community dealt a heavy blow to the aggressor. “Fatal” sanctions were imposed to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes Prestigious international competitions, which largely isolated the sport in these countries.

Emphasizing one of the main roles in this regard, Saładucha mentioned Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortniczukwhich publicly called on the International Olympic Committee and all sports federations to Exclusion of Russia from membership until the end of the war in Ukraine and repairing the damage it caused.

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And here, on the occasion of this case, the former athlete holds a grudge against her compatriots, also indirectly towards Bubka.

– Unfortunately, This correct and current initiative did not come from the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the Olympic team and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.He must lead the fight against the aggressor. (…]We need a clear position on the Ukrainian officials who oversee the sport. Poland has done a lot for Ukraine, but it won’t be able to The initiation, for us, of the final expulsion of Russia from the global sports environment. Saładucha wrote that we have to do it ourselves, and athletes from all over the world will support us, as we have done so many times.

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