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Sharin: In the face of failures, the Kremlin uses the narrative that Ukraine is a terrorist state

Działania Rosji w obliczu niepowodzeń na polu walki z Ukrainą (fot. Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In light of the failures of aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin is increasingly using the propaganda narrative that it is a terrorist state, said the press spokesman for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services, Stanislav Sarin.

The International Atomic Energy Agency mission is on its way to Ukraine. The experts will arrive in Kyiv on Monday

The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in…

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Harin said that the Russian propaganda apparatus continued its daily media war against Ukraine.

– A few days ago, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use chemical weapons The spokesman said that Russian soldiers and civilians are in Zaporizhia.

He explained that, according to reports from Russian propaganda centers, he was one of the victims of Ukrainian chemical weapons Head of the Kherson Territory Occupation Administration. He stressed that “the authorities in Moscow accused Kyiv of committing a terrorist attack.”

“terrorist state”

– This happens in the face of failures on the battlefield with Ukraine – Russian propaganda is increasingly using the narrative that depicts it as a terrorist state – Narin said.

He noted that by reporting on activities against Ukraine, Russia had previously distributed false theses, accusing Ukraine of creating them. Threats around the Zaporizhia Power Plant nuclear.

Russian disinformation activities are used as pretexts for the West to recognize Ukraine as a terrorist state. This is another element of the Kremlin’s efforts to help Forcing the West to Abandon Ukraine – The minister’s press spokesman resides the coordinator of the secret services.

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