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Shark Attacks in Egypt – Data from the Past 30 Years. A special committee has been set up | News from the world

Shark Attacks in Egypt - Data from the Past 30 Years.  A special committee has been set up |  News from the world

Both women were announced Saturday. One was from Austria and the other from Romania. Women bathing by the Red Sea near Hurghada. As mentioned by one of the female sharks It was attacked in the town of Sahl Hasheesh on the outskirts of this Egyptian resort. There were accidents last week. The Austrian and Romanian foreign ministries confirmed the death of their nationals in Egypt to AFP.

Tragedy in an Egyptian resort. Shark biting a woman’s arm and leg

More details about the tragic attacks are also emerging in the media. like he said Diary “Mirror,” the Austrian told her partner shortly before the tragedy that she had been going into the water for a while and would “be back soon.” He was attacked soon after.

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The woman desperately tried to swim ashore, but was seriously injured – a shark bit her arm and leg. People on the beach tried to distract the predator, which was most likely a whitefin shark. The 68-year-old was taken to hospital in critical condition. Resuscitation attempts failed.

Just 600 meters from this incident, a shark attacked another woman – this time a Roman. The woman also died.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry said it was working to identify the victims, alert the family, and remove the body. The Egyptian in turn The Ministry of Environment He announced that a special committee had been formed to closely look into the circumstances of the attacks and investigate the scientific reasons for their occurrence.

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Shark attacks in Egypt. The authorities are closing the beaches, and there is also data from recent years

Egyptian officials closed the beaches adjacent to the Gulf, where the tragic events occurred, for three days. Water sports including diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and sailing were also banned. Fishing boats were also prevented from sailing off the coast of Hurghada.

Over the past thirty years, the regions have been extensively used to meet the needs tourism 23 shark attacks have been recorded in this country, in Results Six of them died. According to statistics provided by the Polish News Agency, 11 attacks from this period occurred in the Sinai Peninsula, especially Sharm el-Sheikh, two on the Hurghada region, and 10 attacks on coral reefs near Marsa Alam and in the far south of Egypt. coast.

In turn, the International Shark Attack File reports that over the past 22 years, an average of 72 shark attacks have been reported annually worldwide, of which five or six were fatal. For comparison: it will kill up to 100 times elephants or hippos each year, and 100,000. Victims are killed by snakebites.

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