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She bought ground beef and weighed it. Did you cheat? Storm on the Web – o2

She bought ground beef and weighed it.  Did you cheat?  Storm on the Web - o2

The Australian was so angry about her remark that she decided to share it on the Facebook user group “Budget Friendly Meals Australia”. The woman explained that she had bought a kilogram of ground beef from the famous Coles chain in Australia. When she got home, I felt the reflection.

At home, the woman was cooking the meat, and when she dried it, she noticed a suspiciously little product. I decided to weigh the beef on a kitchen scale. As it turned out, the weight of the meat after heat treatment was only 641 g.

Cooked and drained. Only water. It’s getting worse. I am disappointed. Where do you shop with quality assurance for the money you spend on ground beef? An angry Perth resident wrote in a social media post.

Minced meat weighs less. Scam or client supervision?

The entry of the woman caused a lot of feelings among the other users. In the comments, netizens wondered where the difference in weight came from. Share their buying experiences. Many say that famous supermarkets cannot be completely trusted, and it is better to buy meat from a proven butcher. Does it change anything?

I live in Melbourne but now I buy all our meat from a reputable butcher in the area! The quality is much better, a little more expensive, but it’s worth it – one Facebook user wrote under the Australian post.

One netizen commented that a simple Google search for the water content of meat would shame her.

If she was careful in school lessons, mammals’ bodies are “water balloons”! Notice someone else.

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