October 23, 2021

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She gave birth to Kamila Szczawińska!  - Pudelek

She gave birth to Kamila Szczawińska! – Pudelek

gave birth to Kamila Szczawińska! The model praised the cheerful message she posted on Instagram, where she showed a picture of little feet holding her hands. By the way, she explained a little to the fans that she has been less present on Instagram lately, because she “enjoyed every moment.”

A week ago in the afternoon our baby girl was born… We don’t have a rhythm yet, we learn each other, we spend every moment together and we don’t rush anywhere. I cut myself off a bit from the online world because I enjoy every moment and don’t want to miss a thing. I kiss, hug, watch, touch and can’t believe it’s so cute, small and not ، – I wrote Camila Szkowenska.

This is the third child of the model. The 36-year-old girl and her husband are raising their son Golka and daughter prisoner. They are now joined by a little sister, but the happy mother has not yet revealed the name of her child.

Szczawińska once enjoyed the title of one of the most famous Polish models. When the Pozna native reached “retirement age”, she wanted to extend her “5 minutes” and promote her to a celebrity. Participation in programs like Dancing with the stars whether, what Agent: Celebrities.

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