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She had atypical symptoms of lung cancer. The woman died a month after the disease was diagnosed

She had atypical symptoms of lung cancer.  The woman died a month after the disease was diagnosed

A 76-year-old American woman has been complaining of pain in her left arm for a week. Unfortunately, after testing it turned out to be a symptom of a serious illness. A month later, the woman died of lung cancer.


1. Pain turns out to be a symptom of cancer

Local doctors described the unusual story of an emergency room patient in New Jersey, USA, in a report published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science.

The woman had had pain in her left arm, forearm and elbow for a week. The patient underwent biopsy And the tomography. Based on the search results, the paramedics diagnosed her Cancer that develops in the left lung.

as it turned out, The cancer cells also attacked the ribs, spine, and adrenal glands A 76-year-old woman. According to the doctors, the buccal tumor caused her pain.

2. Cancer caused the death of the patient a month after the onset of symptoms

The patient was taken to the hospital where she was treated with steroids and radiotherapy. Unfortunately, the disease spread very quickly, causing the woman’s death after 25 days.

According to the experts of the Hereditary and Rare Diseases Information Center, in most cases Early asymptomatic pulmonary adenoma. However, it happens that it appears in a sick person Cough and breathing disorders.

There were no such complaints in the 76-year-old patient. According to the medical report, the woman was a heavy smoker, and in the past she was able to smoke one pack of cigarettes a day.

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