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She wanted buttocks like Kim Kardashian. I regret it bitterly – O2

She wanted buttocks like Kim Kardashian.  I regret it bitterly - O2

Kim Kardashian denies any plastic surgery that affected her personality. However, he is an inspiration to many women. Wanting to look like her, they undergo surgery. Nikita Jasmine decided to take such a step.

I loved that it had an hourglass shape. You can’t get that in the gym, the infulencer said, arguing about her decision about plastic surgery.

According to the portal “The Sun”, Nikita underwent surgery in 2019. The Brazilian butt lift operation affected her health. “It was the worst pain I’ve ever had. They put a stick in your stomach and cut the fat.” Not only the procedure itself was suffering for her. The recovery period was not easy. Nikita had an allergic reaction to the medicine given to her.

My eyes were filled with blood and dry. I felt dizzy. Going to sleep was a nightmare. I worked in an office and had to sit on a cushion for eight hours a day – said the influencer.

Gone are the new buttocks

After the pains of the operation subsided, Nikita immediately went to the gym. This turned out to be a mistake. She soon discovered that most of the fat transferred to her buttocks was gone.

Immediately after the Brazilian butt lift, you lose 30%. Fat. If you go to the gym and do cardio, you will lose a lot. I started training and my ass fell. That is why I returned after seven months to do another work – said Nikita.

She can’t find the right wardrobe

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