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Shocking confession of a Polish ski jumper. “My career was about to end”

Shocking confession of a Polish ski jumper.  "My career was about to end"

In 2017, Maciej Kot was the fifth world jumper in the World Cup general classification,

A year later, at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, he won a bronze medal in the team competition and finished the World Cup season in 21st place. Subsequently, his jump was getting worse: 47, 42 and 58 – these are the places he took in the general classification of the World Cup in 2019-2021.

Last season was the worst: he intended to end his career at the age of 30, at a time when his older teammates Piotr Schiele, Camille Stoch and David Kobaki were still saving the younger generation of our country.

Honestly, last season, I had a lot of thoughts about ending my career. I had no income from jumping, and my son was about to give birth. As the head of the family, I had to find the funds to support her. More than one night I did not sleep, looking for an answer to the question what is the problem

~Massage Kout is not hidden.

To receive funding from the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, you must be in the top eight at the World Cup or Olympic Games. In the meantime, he did not go to Beijing at all, because of his poor form, he found himself outside the first team.

Massage Coat: I had no alternatives

His adventures show that the presence of jumpers is not certain, even in Poland, where this discipline is very popular among fans.

– As long as you jump to the first “10” of the World Cup, everything looks rosy: there are rewards from the organizers, from scholarships from FIS. Sponsors have been known to send out their shows themselves. But when you get out of the World Cup, everything splatters like a soap bubble. Marketing departments ask potential sponsors: “And when are you going back to the World Cup, how often will you be there?” However you can never expect that – he says.

– When I see that someone does not feel sports at all, I give up. It’s better than looking at your email after a month of collaborating with the news: “What happened? We watch contests and you’re not on TV” – he explains, surprised that some companies haven’t discovered the huge opportunities to offer. themselves by jumping on the ice.

Fortunately, he has had a sponsor since June and continues to fight to make his jumping dreams come true.

– I am supported by the company “Szubrycht”, which also sponsors Andrzej Stękała. Thanks to this, I can continue to jump – he adds.

Maciej Kot about finding a solution to problems

He is looking for a solution to the riddle: why he does not jump so long, although the criteria for physical readiness speak of it.

From year to year, instead of going further, it was an attempt to get back to what it was and a desperate search for a way back. And sometimes there is no need to look into the past, you just have to move forward

~ she says to herself.

In the era of Michel Doyal, he was thrown on the sidelines He was trained by his older brother mosques.

– While training with my brother, I had much more room for my own initiative, which is not entirely good. Imagination works, I have a lot of ideas and sometimes I need someone to comfort me and say this idea is not good – he analyzes it.

He also found the advantages of training in the family.

– On the other hand, I’ve worked with younger players and players, and I can draw energy from them and remember what it was like when I started – he scores.

He also commends the current cleaning process when he exercises under his supervision Wojciech Tobor.

I don’t remember such a summer season when I felt so good on a set. Everything is arranged, that such opportunities are created for us and such important people as Michał Wilk (Kinetic Preparation Coach – Editor), As Pawe Gurbi. They contributed so much to our group, thanks to which we never went back to what it was before Horngacher. We’ve taken a step or two forward, and we’re still growing. We have players in the group from whom I can draw a lot of energy, because they have inexhaustible energy – he praises.

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For me it’s a smooth transition from what I did with Cuba to training in a larger group and I don’t see any revolution here. There is a very similar approach, he adds, as well as similar ideas.

Maciej Kot’s next chance for points in the World Cup today (Sunday).

Massej Cote: The crisis is behind me, but the meters are missing. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

World Cup program in Wissowa

11:00 – Women’s Qualification
12:00 – Women’s first competition series
14:30 – Men’s Qualifiers
16:00 – Men’s 1st Competition Series

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