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Shocking new details about the death of a Saudi journalist

Shocking new details about the death of a Saudi journalist

  • The murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi has never been explained. Details are still murky, especially since the dead body has not been found
  • New information about these events is provided by the authors of the Yahoo! News
  • Are Egyptians involved in the killing of a journalist? Was it premeditated, including the seizure of drugs stuffed with camels from Cairo?
  • More such stories can be found on the homepage of

A Yahoo News journalist has discovered new information, revealing previously unknown details of the incident that occurred in October 2018. It was featured in the final season of Yahoo! “Conspiracyland” news pt. “The Secret Life and Horrific Death of Jamal Khashji”.

Hey ho! The news follows the full path of Khashji’s turbulent and eventful career, trying to find out how and why he died. Jamal Khashji is a Saudi journalist. He wrote columns for the Washington Post. In his articles, he was usually critical of the Riyadh authorities. He described Saudi Arabia as a repressive and dignified country. He emphasized, inter alia, that Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s rule involves repression of journalists and human rights defenders.

On the fateful day, October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi arrived at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. He wanted to collect the documents needed to confirm his divorce and marriage to his new Turkish fiancée. His partner was waiting next to the building from which the journalist never left. His body was never found, although the testimonies of witnesses and interested persons, as well as consulate records, indicate that a murder occurred.

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The Saudi government denied any involvement in the case. However, the facts revealed in the “Conspiracyland” podcast indicate something else. From the notes that the podcast authors managed to get, it seems that Khachwidze understood immediately upon entering the consulate that he would be killed.

The journalist was to be injected with drugs. Where did they come from? From the Yahoo News podcast, we will learn that it was most likely captured in Cairo, where a plane carrying Saudi killers to Istanbul stopped. This indicates the possible involvement of the Egyptians in the case. It also confirms the assumption that Khashoggi’s murder was premeditated before, even before he entered the consulate.

The entire podcast season is devoted to the history of the Saudi columnist. The first episode was released a few days ago. The authors will reveal more details in the following sections.

Source: Yahoo! News

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