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Shops will be open shorter? It is a reaction to the energy crisis and rising energy prices

Shops will be open shorter?  It is a reaction to the energy crisis and rising energy prices

In this case, the entire burden related to the costs of freezing energy prices falls on both large companies, including the uncompensated industry, and among other things, energy-producing energy companies. For many of them this can be an unbearable burden – comments Kamel Sobolevsky, Chief Economist for Employers of the Republic of Poland, in an article by Agnieszka Zielińska”Poland waiting for the “Roman script”? The domino effect will kill us“.

The economist added that the impact of freezing energy prices will be for large companies They will have to reduce productionAnd fewer products will be delivered to store shelves, which could also reduce labor.

Determining the electricity consumption in the network

Wiadomości Handlowe Service said that From November, several dozen Netto stores will operate for one hour. Patrycja Kamińska, who is responsible for Netto’s communication with the media, confirmed in an interview with the portal that Some stores will open later and some will close earlier. This applies to “those facilities where traffic in the morning or evening hours is less”, which we wrote about on WP Finanse.

Will other big employers join the Danish network? We have asked other large retail chains for a position on this issue.

Photovoltaics as a rescue for Pedronka

In June this year. We have concluded an agreement, according to which by the end of 2025 two thousand stores in Pedronka will be equipped with photovoltaic installations, and by the end of this year. At least 500 new full installs will be installed. On average, 110 panels will be placed on each roof. Thanks to photovoltaic installations, electricity consumption will decrease by about 15%. annually to each store equipped with this power source – supplied by Natalia Rompska-Żuk.

The rest of the article is below the video

See also: Companies pass on the cost of energy prices to their customers. How long will it take?

Various scenarios are possible

According to Joanna Wójcik, communications and public relations specialist at Aldi, all stores of this brand are open, as always, from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 to 22:00, and on trade days from 9:00 to 20:00.

Aldi looks into the situation and analyzes various possible scenarios to improve the operation of the warehouses due to the energy crisis. If there are any changes, we will inform them immediately and in a timely manner – says Joanna Wojcick of Aldi in an interview with

In turn, the press office of the Dino Network said that he will not speak on the matter.

Weronika Szkwarek, financial journalist

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