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“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Here is the one who stood in the European Parliament in defense of the Law and Justice Party and Morawiki

"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are."  Here is the one who stood in the European Parliament in defense of the Law and Justice Party and Morawiki

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On Tuesday morning, a debate was held in Strasbourg with the participation, among others, of the President European Commission Ursuli von der Leyen oraz the first show Mateusz Morawiecki on the ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court, which ruled on the supremacy of national law over EU law in some areas. The discussion was very stormy and many strong words were spoken.

European Parliament debates Poland. Please end this walk toward fall.

“It is a trifle indeed, but look who stands in Parliament in defense of PiS today: the fascists, nacjonali¶ci, chauvinists, Putin’s agents, murderers of all kinds. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” – Marek Mijalski, ex-Member of the European Parliament wrote on Twitter

Orek: Stop punishing and reprimanding Poles and Hungarians

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was supported mainly by representatives of right-wing or populist groups, incl. From the Italian Northern League, the Alternative for Germany and the National Union (former National Front) led by Marine Le Pen.

I don’t remember such lively discussions. In my opinion, this is an excessive will to punish Poland

said Paolo Portia of the Northern League. In turn, according to Gunnar Beck of Alternative for Germany, the EU cannot be a judge in his case.

National courts have to deal with such cases because only member states are sovereign. The Polish rule is identical to the German rule

– He said. An even sharper stance was taken by Milan Orek, an unrelated MEP from Slovakia.

Please stop finding any new reasons for Poles and Hungarians to reprimand and punish them. […] On behalf of conservative Slovak citizens, they can say that we declare our full support

– said MEP Milan Orek on behalf of the independent MEPs.

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European Parliament: The European Commission and the left wing of the European Parliament are fighting independent states and conservative governments

Nicholas Bay, General Secretary of the National Federation, also stood in defense of Matusz Morawiecki.

The European Commission and the left in the European Parliament oppose independent states and conservative governments

– He said during the discussion. In his opinion, the European Commission is taking action against conservative governments.

Poland-like rulings were made in Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania and even France, where we developed the concept of constitutional identity. The Commission and the left in the European Parliament – of which the European People’s Party is part – are constantly working against independent states and conservative governments. This shows the aggressiveness of Manfred Weber (head of the EPP faction – editor) towards Poland

Bai said, turning to the room.

Matthew MoravekiMorawiecki on the Constitutional Court: “Similar Provisions in European Union Countries.” are you sure?

According to the French, “this is persecution of conservative governments chosen by the democratic majority.”

Populists in Europe

In recent years, nationalism and populism have emerged in the world mainly due to economic crises and increased immigration. Representatives of this type of movement are a serious force, incl. in Italy, Germany or France.

Very popular in France The National Union (formerly the National Front). Its president, Marine Le Pen, is a supporter of French isolationism on the international stage. She opposed the missions of the French forces in the Middle East. After Russia annexed Crimea, she visited Moscow and supported Russia’s hypothesis with a federation of Ukraine. The party has great support. The National Union of Marine Le Pen won by 24 percent. Votes in European Parliament elections.

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Founded in 2013 alternative to Germany It arose out of opposition to the single currency, as well as sensing and addressing citizens’ concerns about illegal immigration and “the threat of Islam, because it does not belong to German culture.” According to party representatives uchodcy War, asylum seekers, immigrants and Muslims are the biggest threat to internal peace in the country. They are blamed for almost all social problems, from anti-Semitism to low-level education. In the last elections to the Bundestag, they received 10.3 per cent. authentication.

In Italy too, various political forces are adopting increasingly populist positions. One of them is Northern League. In the 2018 election, the party had its best result ever – 17.37 percent. And participated with the Five Star Movement in governing the country. The Northern League, which appeared on the Italian political scene in the early 1990s, began under the slogans of the secession of the wealthy Italian north, which does not have to support the “corrupt” Rome and the “bandits” of the south. Party leaders also repeatedly challenged European institutions and treaties.

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