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Showing the life of Sofia Alnoei, a wonderful race for a Polish woman in the World Cup

Showing the life of Sofia Alnoei, a wonderful race for a Polish woman in the World Cup

It was Nawi’s first appearance in the World Cup final. In a world event, I have only participated in the final once before. At the Olympic Games in Rio Janeiro he placed tenth.

This is the best result of a Polish competition in its history of performance at the World Cup since 2001. Then in Edmonton, Lydia Chujica also finished fifth.

The Kenyan world champion was Fatih Kipigon – 3.52.96. The second was Judas Tsegai from Etopia – 3.54.52, and the third was Briton Laura Muir – 3.55.28.

From Eugene (USA) – Thomas Kalimba, Przegląd Sportowy Onet


– First a football player, then a celebrity – he says about himself. He does not “walk the walls”, nor does he seek media attention. It is the media that cares about him, although not necessarily in a sporting context. Asked by ukasz Kadziewicz about his footballing career, Jaroslav Binyuk answered what the sport had given him, what he took and whether he felt professionally satisfied. “In football, the ceiling is so high that it is difficult to say, ‘I am satisfied,’” he admits. He admits that his career has been greatly influenced by his own. Positive? Negative? In football and what connection it can have… with the European Union.

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