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Silent film actress Virginia Rabe went to the party. Four days later, she died

Silent film actress Virginia Rabe went to the party.  Four days later, she died

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On September 5, 1921, 26-year-old Virginia went to a party where alcohol was pouring in torrents. It all happened behind the closed doors of rooms numbered 1219, 1220 and 1221 inches the hotel Street. Francis in San Francisco. Roscoe Arbuckle was among the guests. To this day, his name appears in the media next to Virginia Rabe. That night, meeting her ruined his life.

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She has been dreaming of Hollywood since she was a child

Virginia Raab wanted fame that would make her forget her unhappy childhood. It was illegal BabyAnd her mother died when the girl was 11 years old. She moved in with her grandmother and started slowly Think About becoming independent and cutting yourself off from a life far from ideal. three Years later, when she was 14, she started appearing for small fashion houses. Then she moved from Illinois to California because she felt she would find what she was looking for there. She fell in love with clothing designer Robert Moskowitz, but before the wedding, he was hit by a bus and he died. Virginia was still not in the best financial position and knew she couldn’t focus on mourning and had to work so she wouldn’t have to go back to the family home. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career on the big screen. She played, but these were rather not very important roles. Producer William Fox signed it but did not cast it in any productions. Dreams of a great career were interrupted by an unexpected death.

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What happened behind the closed door?

Accounts of what exactly happened in the hotel suites in September 1921 were largely inconsistent. Guests almost unanimously testified that actor Roscoe Arbuckle had picked up a drunk Virginia in his arms and carried her into one of the rooms, where he locked himself with her. Some said he whispered that he had waited a moment to meet the girl, and thus suggested that he intended to sexually assault her. Others said he wanted to help her, because she had already told him that she was feeling bad and that the pain was almost unbearable.

Soon, Virginia’s anxious groans began to come from the locked room. A group of guests tried to get in, but to no avail at first. At last the door opened and Arbuckle stood up frightened. He was pale and tense, and Virginia crouched on the bed. The woman died in hospital four days later. The coroner named the cause of death as peritonitis caused by a perforation of the bladder. The shock was caused by a “tremendous external force”.

Roscoe ArbuckleRoscoe Arbuckle oriental news


Sitcom star Roscoe Arbuckle has been accused of Virginia Rapp’s death. By the age of 34, he had over a hundred films to his credit, including one Million Dollar Movie. He has been compared to Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. However, his achievements were immediately written off, because he was accused of rape and contributing to the death of the girl. It was said in the media that fame hit his head because he only worked as a plumber seven years ago, and it was while repairing the tap at producer Mac Sennett’s home that he was offered his first role. He wasn’t expecting it or even wanting it that much, he just wanted the director to pay him an extra $2. Soon, the round face with a characteristic smile greeted viewers who watch it in dozens of productions annually. After Virginia’s death, for which he was blamed, he was excluded from society for many years.

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ruined by the media

There were hints that Roscoe Arbuckle had sexually assaulted Virginia, but he had previously ingested poison. However, there was not enough evidence to confirm this. On April 12, 1922, the court issued a verdict of acquittal, but the public shunned him, and Hollywood society became unfavorable to him. As a result, Arbuckle hasn’t actually performed anywhere for ten years. His status did not change until after the 1932 article. In the text, “Doesn’t Fatty Arbuckle deserve a break?” There have been arguments that Arbuckle deserves a comeback. Eventually, he signed with Warner Bros. However, he did not manage to take advantage of this opportunity, as he died the next day from a heart defect.

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