July 28, 2021

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Silver Medal for Polish Volleyball Players in the League of Nations

The first set of the final match between Poland and Brazil can satisfy even the most demanding volleyball fan. Both teams had a fierce fight, in which there was no shortage of interesting actions. The score fluctuated around a tie for a long time and everything was decided by actions from 20:20. The Poles jumped back after Michael Kubic’s attack, Wilfredo Leon’s serve attack and block point (20:23). The Brazilians did not give up, but Bartosz Couric scored two missing points for the Polish team (22:25). The Polish striker was very influential in this party (7/7).

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Canarinhos volleyball players started the second batch better (8:5). The Poles survived the weakest moment and made up for losses (9:9), but Brazil rebuilt the advantage and after Mauricio Sousa’s brilliance, they had a clear lead in the second half (16:12). The match of the two teams in this match was a little undulating, and therefore after the good streak of Brazil, the Polish volleyball players quickly recovered (18:18). The block defense system worked well for a moment, but the competitors jumped again (21:18) and won with major actions at the end. The set ball was won by Joandry Leal (24:22), and in the last action, Leon served the net (23:25).

In the third game, the initiative still belonged to the volleyball players from Brazil, who began to build an advantage after serving Bruno Resende with points (5:7). Later they increased the point distance more (7:11, 12:16, 13:18). The Poles had problems accepting the service, and they were also unable to stop their competitors with blocking. Unlike the previous parts, this part of the match did not bring any emotions. In the end, the volleyball players of Canarinhos dominated the situation and were aiming for victory, which was decided by the attack of Kamel Semenyuk (16:25).

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The fourth set is a good start for the Brazilians and the Poles ready to make up for the losses (8:8). Later, Canarinhos volleyball players won the situational ball, stopped the Poles with a block and regained supremacy (8:11). They moved from event to action, cheerfully celebrating every point they scored and increasing their edge (12:18). After Lucas served, they got the match ball, and a moment later Wallace finished the match with a stunning diagonal attack (14:25).

Most points: Bartosz Couric (17), Micha Kubik (15) – Poland; Wallace de Sousa (22), Joandry Leal (17) and Ricardo Lucarelli (13) – Brazil. The Poles performed less in the party (in the second group only 14%), and scored worse on attack, shock (7-9) and serve (3-6).

The silver medal is the greatest success for the Poles in the League of Nations to be played since 2018. So far, the best result is the bronze medal achieved in 2019 during the final tournament in Chicago. Brazil won the League of Nations for the first time. The Russian national team has won two previous editions of this event (2018, 2019).

Poland – Brazil 1: 3 (25:22, 23:25, 16:25, 14:25)

Poland: Bartosz Couric, Mateusz Pinnick, Michai Kubic, Wilfredo Leon, Pyotr Nowakowski, Fabian Drziga-Bawi Zatorski (Libero), Lukas Kaczmarek, Kamil Semenyuk, Alexander Alyuka. Fitness Trainer: Vital Heinen.
Brazil: Riccardo Lucarelli, Bruno Rezende, Mauricio Souza, Lucas Satkamp, ​​Wallace de Souza, Joandre Lille – Thales Hus (Libero) Oraz Alan Souza, Isaac Santos, Douglas Souza. Fitness Trainer: Carlos Schwanke.

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