October 23, 2021

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SINGAPORE: The British party on a yacht wearing bikini and Santa Claus hats

SINGAPORE: The British party on a yacht wearing bikini and Santa Claus hats

Singapore’s Ministry of Labor said on Thursday that nine Britons have been banned from working in Singapore after violating sanitation rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic last year by participating in a yacht party wearing swimsuits and Santa hats.

Pictures of the second day of Christmas on the yacht spread very quickly on social media, angering Singaporeans and prompting authorities to open an investigation.

At the time, in Singapore, meetings outside the home were limited to just five people under restrictions designed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

On Thursday, the Labor Department announced that eight Britons from Hadath – five men and three women – were permanently banned from working in Singapore, according to CNA and Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper. Another British woman who participated in the event welcomed me in March this year. Work is prohibited in a city-state with a large number of foreign workers.

All eight admitted Thursday to exceeding the group cap and each was fined the equivalent of $ 2,250.

Singapore, where the coronavirus pandemic has been relatively mild (61,700 infections detected and 31 deaths from COVID-19), has taken a tough stance on violating health restrictions. In June last year, four Britons were banned from working in Singapore after going on a pub tour, thus breaking pandemic control restrictions.

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