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Singer Mask. Netizens choose who hides behind the cat’s disguise

Singer Mask.  Netizens choose who hides behind the cat's disguise

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In the last episode of “Mask Singer” she was exposed to QczajWho was hiding under the guise of a bathroom. The jury did not hide their surprise when the coach took off his mask, but the fans chose the athlete from the start – you see, they were right. Now we decided to take a look at who they think is hiding under the costume cat. Admittedly, their proposals are quite surprising.

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Shake the dragonfly! The jury had no doubts that it was a great performance!

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Singer Mask. Who is hiding under the guise of a cat? TV show lovers already know!

in the show TVN Still surviving: stork, rain, rooster, cat, shower and sun. Now viewers decided to take a closer look at the possible identity of Kot. No one doubts that under the costume there can be a man with a deep masculine voice, who has performed on stage more than once and has extensive artistic experience, as evidenced by his acting skills and a good musical ear.

Now netizens have decided to choose who Cat is. Recently, he performed the song “Cry Just a Little Bit” by Shakin Stevens on stage. Fans say Boys’ Marcin Miller or actor Michał Milowicz is definitely under the hood.

What is the melody?What is the melody? /

Personality and success party 2021Personality and success party 2021 /

Jurors have completely different types, because they bet it might be hidden under a strange costume: Bowie cookiesMarius Max Kolonko Peter GusovskyZlatan Ibrahimovic or Andrzej So³tysik. I must admit that these genres are quite original and most of them were filmed on the show for extra jokes (politicians are still chosen, although 99% of them did not participate in the show). However, Rumor’s editors are more inclined towards fans, who have provided options very suitable for artists who might be a cat. In our opinion, it’s really Marcin Miller.

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