June 19, 2021

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Roboty w szpitalu

Six robots started working in a hospital in Sosnowiec

Six human-like robots have begun work at the Children’s Medical Center in Sosnowiec. They receive children at the entrance to the hospital, take their temperature and do exercises with patients during rehabilitation.

“The child’s attitude towards treatment is paramount, and our robots are efficient, friendly and have many interesting functions, so they will surely entertain and entertain our young patients and introduce them to the hospital. Getting robots is the next stage of introducing modern IT solutions in our hospital. We follow technological changes and adapt them to The needs of the hospital and patients ”- President of Centrum Pediatrii im. John Paul II at Sosnowiec, Dr. André Siewick.

Robots in the hospital

At the Pediatric Center there are three models of humanoid robots: Reception, Inspection and Teaching. Two reception robots – Pepeers – are working in the hospital’s main entrance area. The first measures temperature, provides information about hospital services, hours of admission or hospital phone numbers. The second robot acts as a navigator. Thanks to the installed maps of the facility, it directs patients to the appropriate place in the facility.

Screening robots – Sanbots – with installed applications and videos, can in turn provide patients with essential electronic advice. They will also act as assistants to patients and medical staff, move to specific locations in the hospital, and provide necessary information or recommendations, without the need for interpersonal contact.

Educational robots – Nao – are the only walking robots. The range of motion allows them to be programmed in such a way that they can train with patients during rehabilitation classes. Thanks to the functions of imitating sounds and pronouncing syllables and words, it is ideal for correcting speech defects. Therefore, NOW robots are a complement and support to the team of physical therapists working in the hospital.

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“The robots are very cool, this athlete is the best,” 10-year-old Partek told PAP, who was one of the first to get acquainted with the new crew.

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Source: PAP, FB Dariusz Starzycki – Vice Marshal of the Province of Silesia