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Sixteen future mobile laboratories launched in Poland – Ministry of Education and Science

Sixteen future mobile laboratories launched in Poland - Ministry of Education and Science

The acceleration of the digital transformation process is one of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why changes have occurred in the adaptation of new technologies not only in the field of the economy, but also in the education sector. Polish schools are being modernized at an unprecedented pace.

– For PLN 1 billion, 99% of primary schools are equipped with modern educational and technological equipment. This is an essential component of the large-scale digital transformation of Polish schools, whose budget emphasizes the importance that the government attaches to this area – said Minister Przemyslaw Kzarnik during the opening of the Mobile Laboratories of the Future.

Stressing the importance of the education sector, the head of MEiN also referred to investments in educational infrastructure as part of the Polish deal: – This is more than 5 billion PLN, and the computerization of Polish schools alone means hundreds of millions of zlotys are invested – said the Minister. Thanks to these activities, all Polish schools are connected to a high-speed Internet, which is not available to children in other European schools.

Future mobile laboratories launched in Poland

One of the main objectives of Future Laboratories is to work towards equal educational opportunities for students throughout Poland. Thanks to the program, almost all primary schools as well as public art schools were equipped with modern educational and technological equipment, such as 3D printers, virtual reality glasses and microcontrollers in just one year, allowing students to develop competencies for the future.

Schools equipped with equipment purchased from Future Labs may apply to participate in the workshops.

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16 buses equipped with the latest equipment on the roads of all governorates to increase the access of students and teachers to modern technologies by organizing demonstration lessons in schools. During the classes, teachers will awaken students’ interest in skills that will allow them to use new technology in a manner consistent with their interests. It doesn’t matter the size of the city or the number of students in a particular school. Each school can apply to participate in the workshops and invite teachers to the demonstration workshops, which will allow better use of the equipment available to the schools, thanks to the “laboratories of the future”.

During the 2022/2023 academic year, workshops for students and teachers will be held. It is an extension of the largest educational and technological project in the history of Polish education, the value of which is more than one billion zlotys.

Future Labs is a place to develop students’ talents and formulate human resources for the modern economy

“Future Laboratories” is the largest educational and technological project in Poland. Thanks to this unique investment – not only at the national level but also internationally – the elementary and public art schools are equipped with modern equipment. Thanks to him, students can develop future competencies, implement their own projects, and improve the skills needed in the current labor market. The “labs of the future” are based on the so-called STEAM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, i.e. science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). The aim of the project is to provide equal educational opportunities for students all over Poland and to provide them with the conditions to enter a world saturated with technology with appropriate competencies. The implementation of this goal is possible thanks to the provision of universal access to modern technologies and the support of teachers, among other things, by conducting demonstration classes in schools.

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It is a better preparation of young people for the challenges of the future and a willingness to work in professions that do not exist, according to experts.

Non-governmental primary schools can apply for funding under Future Labs. There are also plans to expand the program to include secondary schools.

Moreover, a helpline dedicated to supporting teachers in developing future laboratories in their schools will be launched soon.

Mobile laboratories for future partners

educational research institute Conducts interdisciplinary research on the performance and effectiveness of the education system in Poland. The Institute is currently a leading unit in the field of digitization of Polish education and science and is responsible, inter alia, for the launch of the project This innovative project will allow all Poles to access information about the educational offer and will enable the creation of a personalized educational path.

Education Development Center It is a nationwide public teacher training institution run by the Minister of Education and Science. The center aims to take and implement measures to improve the education system and raise the quality of education in accordance with the state’s educational policy in the field of public education and upbringing.

GovTech Center Opens the public sector to innovation. It connects everyone who wants to meet the challenge of digital transformation in Poland, improve the effectiveness of the public sphere and raise the quality of life of citizens. The Center collaborates with entrepreneurs, officials, NGOs, innovators and citizens.

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