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Ski jump Wisła 2022: Happy Daoud Kubacki after qualifying. Summer learning has paid off

Ski jump Wisła 2022: Happy Daoud Kubacki after qualifying.  Summer learning has paid off

Live Ski Jumping World Cup in Eurosport and Eurosport Extra in Player

– Like a monster, you devoured your competitors today, devoured meters. You sound like an unstoppable guest, Eurosport reporter Casper Merck said as he started a conversation with the winner of Saturday’s competition and both training sessions leading up to him.

– I really enjoyed the jump today – Kubacki admitted and thanked him for the words of appreciation. – In fact, all these jumps were at a good level. I think the person in the playoffs was a little better than hitting the threshold. As a result, there was more power, rotation and altitude. At one point, I was a little afraid if it was possible to land, because I fell from a high ceiling. So this drop looked like it was. It wasn’t perfect, so this item would definitely need to be refined – Analyze transit.

This is our relationship with the qualifications for the World Cup competition Saturday in Vista >>>

During the summer I was slowly building my confidence. Respectively, from competition to competition. At the summer grand prix I also tested what I was learning. It worked, so that confidence grew. I think after a qualifier like today, that self-confidence will build up even more, because it just shows me that what I’ve learned works. I can use it on the hill and in combat – Kubacki admitted.

Video: Eurosport Kubacki jump from qualifying for the first competition in Wisła

“King of summer, king of winter”

During the summer course, the Kubacki was referred to as the “King of Summer”. Now, quite often among the fans there are the sounds of “The King of the Winter Fly”.

– In the end, they will break up with this “King of Summer” and this nickname will change – Kubacki laughed.

The winner of qualifying for the opening Saturday competition of the new season also indicated the conditions for holding the competition. For the first time, organizers decided to launch the course very early, and hill jumpers compete on a so-called hybrid: the tour takes place on icy tracks, as during traditional winter competitions, but lands on needle, just like on the summer course. Additionally, during Friday’s qualifiers, the runners were accompanied by occasional heavy rain.

– I think when the stands are filled with people tomorrow and there is this atmosphere, we will feel that this is really the World Cup. It is known that this is a new photo, but in my opinion it was the only right decision. Without it, the competition would not happen at all, or it would be a very difficult battle to prepare the snow at all. I don’t know if it’s possible at all, especially when it’s starting to rain now. In these temperatures, the snow on the landing hill will melt before our eyes and the competition will be cancelled. So that we can enjoy the competitions, fans can come and get to know the feelings we all lack,” Kobaki said.

Video: Eurosport Kubacki after winning qualification for the first competition in Wisła

Qualifications of successful Polish jumpers

A total of nine White Reds qualified for Saturday’s competition. Apart from Kubacki, promotion winners: Piotr Żyła (3rd place), Kamil Stoch (9th place), Pawe Wąsek (12th place), Jan Habdas (18th place), Stefan Hula (34th place), Aleksander Zniszczoł (36th place) , Jacob Woolney (12th place) 41 and Thomas Belch (47).

The first showjumping World Cup starts on Saturday at 16:00.

Broadcasting in Eurosport and Eurosport Extra in Player. Studio start at 15:00.

place player (country)
distance (points)
1. David Kupaki (Poland) 133 (140.5)
2. Halvor Aigner Granrod (Norway) 128 (139.3)
3. Piotr Żyła (Poland) 131 (133.1)
4. Philip Raymond (Germany) 129 (132.8)
5. Michael Heibok (Austria) 128 (132.2)
6. Daniel Chuvenig (Austria) 130.5 (132.1)
7. Manuel Wittner (Austria) 122 (132.0)
8. Johann André Tandy (Norway) 132 (131.9)
9. Kamel Stoch (Poland) 127 (131.6)
10. Philip Aschenwald (Austria) 127 (128.4)

12. Bwiek Wasek (Poland) 126.5 (127.6)
18. Jan Habdas (Poland) 127.5 (125.1)
34. Stefan Hola (Poland) 122.5 (116.5)
36. Alexander Zniszol (Poland) 122 (115.9)
41. Jacob Woolny (Poland) 119 (113.5)
47. Tomasz Belch (Poland) 120 (109.5)
52. Kacper Juroszek (Poland) 116.5 (106.0)
53. Clemens Moraka (Poland) 117.5 (105.7)
54. Maciejkot (Poland) 113.5 (102.7)
59. Andrzej Stękała (Poland) 106.5 (91.5)

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