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Ski jumping. The Poles have declared their readiness to host the World Cup soccer tournament in the United States as a priority for FIS

Ski jumping.  The Poles have declared their readiness to host the World Cup soccer tournament in the United States as a priority for FIS

Iron Mountain’s replacement as host of the World Cup, scheduled for February 11-12, 2023, will be known in about two weeks. It remains to be seen if the high-level competition that jumping fans have been waiting eighteen years for will indeed return to the United States. There was also initial interest in capturing competition from PZN.

– We have been conducting an intensive communication exchange with potential replacement candidates for Iron Mountain for three weeks. We take into account both centers in America and Europe. By mid-September, we should be ready to announce the city that will take over the tournament – World Cup director Sandro Bertile tells us.

Among US locations, Park City is the closest to capturing the phenomenon. The local Utah Olympic Park recently received a large grant for the development of its center. George S. And the Dolores Torrey Eccles Foundation donated five million dollars for investments within the Olympic complex. Salt Lake City is also gearing up to fight for the next Olympics and the option to take over such competitions could be taken advantage of by the IOC.

However, it is worth recalling that at the moment only small Olympic ski jumps are recognized by the International Ski Federation. Lake Placid has the most modern facilities on the North American continent, but as local enthusiasts have already informed us, all their activities are focused on the Universiade scheduled for January, and they are not ready to burden their budget with another big event.

According to the information reached by the portal, the Polish Ski Association announced the initial readiness to take over the competition for the Iron Mountain. However, as far as the FIS is concerned, the priority is the US, which is why no advanced negotiations have taken place so far. If they do, Wisła, Jakobane and Szirk will host.

What is the future of Iron Mountain? – It is a facility that is well-suited for the Continental Cup competition, but for the World Cup it needs to be further modernized. It is estimated that approximately $465,000 more is needed to bring it up to the level of top competition. For now, there are continental cup competitions and the center will prepare its infrastructure every year to host the world cup – explains Sandro Bertile.

Adrian Dwarkowski, Source: Own information

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