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slag. Apator – steel. Thomsen and Zamarzlik will be busy. The people of Toruń have a straight path to victory [TAKTYKA]

slag.  Apator - steel.  Thomsen and Zamarzlik will be busy.  The people of Toruń have a straight path to victory [TAKTYKA]
The eWinner team will face Apator Toru Moje Bermuda Stal Gorzów in the final round of the main role PGE Ekstraliga. The hosts will have an easier task, as the visiting team will lack key players.


WP SportoweFakty / Julia Podlowska / Pictured: Anders Thomsen

Recommended lineups for the Friday meeting:

eWinner Apator Toruń: 9. Paweł Przedpełski, 10. Jack Holder, 11. Chris Holder, 12. Adrian Miedziński, 13. Petr Chlupac, 14. Kacper Makowski, 15. Krzysztof Lewandowski

My Bermuda Stal Gorzów: 1. Bartosz Zmarzlik, 2. Anders Thomsen, 3. Marcus Birkemose, 4. Rafał Karczmarz, 5. Martin Vaculik, 6. Oliwier Ralcewicz 7. Kamil Pytlewski

Mutuarina is not the happiest place for the residents of Gorzow. In the last ten matches played between the two teams in Toruń, the hosts have won 9 times. Also now the eWinner Apator will be the favourite, as Moje Bermuda Stal will join this match in a very limited squad.

Bartosz Smarzlik and Anders Thomsen should be busy on Friday night. Apart from them, it is difficult to find a player on the team who can score many points. If visitors intend to fight for a positive outcome, they will likely use all possible solutions to get their leaders to run as many laps as possible.

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However, one might wonder if Stal would really want to win even an extra point, because by winning it he would give Fogo Unia Leszno a chance to take third place, which would not necessarily be an easier opponent than Motor Lublin in the semi-finals. finals.

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For the hosts, the path to victory in this match seems simple. They will certainly have many chances to win double rounds, so even with the great performances from Thomsen and Zmarzlik, they should have no problems winning this match.

Dane and The Pole will have to let go of perfect competition so that visitors can have an equal fight at Motoarena. It seems that this is possible in the first part of the competition, but a lot will depend on what it looks like. However, it is difficult to assume that not all of Apator’s competitors will be able to win against even one of them.

It looks like Stanisław Chomski will have two solutions when it comes to using an alternate player. Bet on the leaderboard in the first two rounds, or set a Dane to this reserve later in the game.

In the third series, he can exploit both, because both may be able to run two phases together (first as part of a potential tactical reserve, then depending on the program). Whether the Gorzów players will be able to start a fight in this match will depend on what their strongest bond will be and the position of Rafai Karczmarz and Marcus Berkimos, who have to deal with the least of the Toron juniors.

On the other hand, hosts have to go their own way and take advantage of opportunities on slightly easier rides. In this way, they can win quite calmly, and with good disposition, they can even count on a great victory.

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