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slag. Apator wants to avoid uncertainty. Will the warehouse close soon?

slag.  Apator wants to avoid uncertainty.  Will the warehouse close soon?

Apator Toruń authorities immediately decided to extend contracts with its biggest stars, such as Patryk Dudek and Robert Lambert, for two years. Now they do not intend to wait for the decision of the PZM on the Russians and want to quickly close the team.

Matthews Boca

Jack Holder and Chris Holder

WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Trzeszczkowski / Pictured: Jack Holder and Chris Holder

Right from the start, Toruń has announced that they don’t intend to make a lot of changes to the team, which is why they’ve been focusing all the time on talking to current players and still looking for a 24-year-old highway racer.

Activists, however, want to be prepared for any eventuality, which is why they are constantly in advanced talks with Jacek Holder and Paweł Przedpełski. Both were supposed to express their willingness to stay in Toruń, and the plan is to end conversations with these two in the near future and announce that they will stay.

If this is indeed the case, club authorities can calmly await a decision by PZM regarding the possible admission of Emil Sajfutdinow to competitions in next year’s competition. It is already known that a decision in this regard will not be reached before next September.

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The For Nature Solutions authorities at Apator Toruń are convinced that by then Jack Holder and Paweł Przedpełski will have already signed the documents for the upcoming season. If it was ultimately decided to allow Sajfutdinow to ride, one of them would be allowed to move to another club. Toro residents are optimistic and count on such a scenario, but it obviously doesn’t have to be too obvious.

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The problem could be the individual ambitions of the players and the very high offers from other clubs. It can be safely assumed that Jacek Holder will be gladly welcomed into Leszno, Lublin and the newcomer’s team, and Przedpełski as a Pole will be useful for more teams. So the question is whether it will be profitable for these two to sign preliminary agreements at Toruń without the guarantee of leadership in the first squad for next year’s games. However, at the club, they argue that they have found a way to impress these two people and should soon show the results of the talks.

The choice of positions for players up to the age of 24 remains a mystery, but the issue has been treated as a lower priority at the club than talking to the four seniors, as persuading one of the younger players to move shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

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